WHO: Crystal Rainbow Borrelli
WHAT: Flow
WHERE: @yyoga Park Royal West Van
WHEN: Thu 4:15-5:15pm

One Takeaway:

A teacher training bootcamp refresh in 1 hour. Philosophy mythology vayus and Bandha, Gunas, pranayama, meditation, elephant walking, asana legends, symbolism, mindfulness and empowerment.

One admiration:

Crystal is a pure and authentic clear teacher. She has a fully integrative and spiritually tangible yet accessible approach to inquire and soften to the core. I admired her sheer wisdom and sense of power while embodying what she is teaching. She oozes passion and a lust for this work and I haven’t experienced anything like this in the same way. It was moving and it felt like a journey yet in an hour… bravo Crystal and I’m definitely already looking ahead to make your next class.

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