Hosted by Hiiro Prince and True Identity Movement Project, (MEN)TALITY is focused toward an ALL MALE audience with the subjects highlighting the stigmatism/associations that we as Men face/live through.

This interactive and experiential workshop will begin with a brief dialogue and conversation about how we ‘identify/resonate’ as a ‘Man’ and how that shows up in our daily society/lifestyle. Experience a 1 hour session of Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork targeting self-awareness and personal development. Finish with a Men’s circle (speaking/reflection) to process and learn from another’s experiences.

There are an abundance of events like this for Female demographics and extremely minimal for Male. More than ever, (MEN)TAL, Emotional and Spiritual health/well-being has began to surface as a concept and importance in the media. The ability for Men to come together in an open-minded and whole-hearted non-judgmental manner allows the barriers we may normally have to breakdown. Men traditionally have been conditioned in ways to conceal or mask their feelings/emotions and anything that may pertain to be viewed as ‘weakness.’

This workshop is all about allowing the stigmas we face as Men to be chipped away and to open up as we are. Come explore your (MEN)TALITY and step into your True Identity.



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