My Older Brother
My Older Brother




A Karma Yoga Project established by True Identity Movement Project.

The vision is to establish universal awareness for Teen/Adolescent Acute Cancer research and development through the selfless acts of therapeutic and active yoga/meditation and public speaking.

To provide the Zach Prince Foundation as much financial support in order to develop a cure and treatment for TEEN CANCER!

Project: Z will provide classes, workshops, series, discussions for everyone either dealing or affected by those dealing with Cancer including their family or friends. This will cover relationships between different family dynamics, grief and loss of those affected by Cancer, yoga classes and events targeting mental health, emotional health, physical recovery and community development/support.

With the involvement of Vancouver’s Yoga community and everyone connected with people in their lives affected by Cancer, the dream is for there to be a community centre or studio for the True Identity Movement Project where offer therapeutic yoga & mindfulness for recovery, mental/emotional health kids/youth/teens and also provide a safe practice environment community for any/every body.

My Older Brother

Zachary Meyer Sigal Prince – Hiiro’s Former Brother

Born: August 29, 1988 – August 10th, 2005

Zach was diagnosed with A.L.L. (Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia) in late winter of 2003 and fought an aggressive battle which lasted until August 2005. With only a 1 month remission period, Zach was consistently in Children’s Hospital while managing to stay at home throughout the battle.

He was a young man of humour, wisdom, stubbornness and most importantly, he was one of THE biggest sports and music fanatics I ever knew. His life was cut extremely short and my family wasn’t prepared for what was to come.

I had no idea how to help Zach while he was ill, he didn’t want me to be exposed to the pain and discomfort he was enduring daily. This is where I decided to take action and initiative into my own heart by shaving my head. Every year the BC Children’s Hospital hosts “Balding For Dollars / Shave for the Brave” Where I shaved my head to end up raising $1,000 for the cause.

This ended up being what became an endowment fund in Zach’s name, now with a successful establishment raising awareness and creating programs, new specific facilities and trainings for Adolescent/Teen Oncology Research and Development!

After my first head shaving, I decided to continue this ritual annually to honour my brother’s lineage and everything he provided me in my life and still to this date regardless if he’s in a physical form or not. I always wanted to give back and support the development and research of adolescent/teen oncology research and wasn’t sure how!

I am very excited to start this cause and I will continue expanding my yoga teaching offerings to the public community in Vancouver. I am going to host workshops, classes, special events and community building fund raisers for Zachary Prince and they will be BY DONATION with 100% PROCEEDS going to the Zachary Prince Foundation. You will be assured that your contributions of finance and time will be used to further the cure and treatments for Teen/Adolescent Acute Cancers.

To become involved with PROJECT Z, contact the information below:

  • (604) 218-5265

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