Heart-Felt Gratitude

I have always loved Hiiro’s class not only because of his style of teaching along with the heart touching music but more importantly, Hiiro’s authenticity as an instructor and grounding presence.

About a month ago, I went to Hiiro’s Yin class and experienced a major emotional release. I had been going through some heavy contrast for some time. By the time I arrived on my mat, an overwhelming grief poured out and I could not stop sobbing until the end of class. Hiiro had noticed since the start but remained centred and in his alignment while holding space for the class despite this distraction.

I felt immense empathy and compassion from Hiiro the entire time, every phrase that had come through him seemed so comforting! Towards the end Hiiro offered each student hands-on healing. I experienced immediate relief as he touched my back. A sense of nurture lingered through Savasana. In the next few days it felt as if a thick layer had been peeled off and I was back to feeling light and free. Thank you Hiiro!”

– Frances, YYoga Student

“I have been lucky enough to be a not only a student of Hiiro’s since 2014, but also a peer. He brings such a fresh and unique energy to he mat, and uses his vast knowledge of therapeutics and other fitness modalities to enhance his yoga classes, Hatha in particular.

I really admire Hiiro’s ability to carefully craft his classes in an intricate and thoughtful way so that they have clear results that match the intention. I always leave feeling inspired and humbled to have been in his class.

His energy and personality are not overwhelming- he creates space so that we may all be our best selves on any given day.

Thank you to Hiiro, and I look forward to attending more of his classes/offerings in the future! His energy and personality are not overwhelming- he creates space so that we may all be our best selves on any given day.”

Emily Lefebvre (Teacher, Coach)

“Who would guess such an energetic and fun spin teacher would also be able to guide you through a slow, passive, and incredibly meaningful yin yoga class. Every class I have taken of hiiro’s is a knowledge-seeker’s dream. He guides you through poses making you aware of mind, body and spirit. I love his use of anatomy, in an un-threatening way, to help you learn more about your own body and practice. His incredibly unique and genuine self makes you feel comfortable to come to your mat as who you are, knowing you are supported unconditionally.”

Candice Seligman

(RYT 200, Mentee of Hiiro)

Just finished a great session of Pilates class with Hiiro. Getting to core has been a challenge for me, in terms of proprioception and knowing how to draw on the muscles you need but Hiiro does such an easy to understand and accessible class that you cannot help but do it the right way. Patient, clear and precise. I’m hooked on his style and lessons and very grateful that I have met someone who really knows what they are talking about.”

– Pilates Student

“I first started attending Hiiro’s Yin class in 2016 at Yyoga downtown. I was impressed with the structure of his class. After attending a few of his classes, I found them relaxing and helpful as I was going through a very stressful time.

The environment he created was the perfect balance I needed. When I found out he was teaching Pilates, I thought about trying it again. I originally did not have a good experience in those classes with other instructors, however when I attended Hiiro’s class, I felt the same balance as I did in his Yin class.

Hiiro is a master and passionate in his teachings. I’ve learned a great deal from him. I highly recommend my fellow Yogis to experience one of Hiiro’s classes.”

Giovanni Morello

(YYoga Student since 2016)

“After falling in love with spin class back in February, I have tried many of YYogas teachers to which I obviously found some styles of teachers more preferable. It was then after taking Hiiro Prince’s class, who was a sub for Shaunessy Luke come Thursday early morning, that I’ve never enjoyed a spin class more. He had the best classic music in funky remixes that had a beat that was easy to peddle too.

He was direct and clear in his directions and yet also very enthusiastic and brought the “hype” needed for a 6:30am cardio blast. He was knowledgable and helpful in the set up of the bike. His class was as perfectly hard, AND fun. Which I’ve never experienced. He at the end then high fived all of the participants, and encouraged me to take the spin instructor training. Amazing!

We’ve been Facebook friends since. He’s creating a path for me and guiding me along the way. Above and beyond!”

Taylor Coombs

(YYoga Student)

“Hiiro is a compassionate and kind yoga mentor and teacher. Dedicated to creating an environment of safety for all, he routinely adapts the yoga practice to benefit different abilities and reasons as to why people practice yoga. Personally, I have learned so much through Hiiro’s teaching and collaborative approach to yoga. I am also grateful for the progress that I have made in my own practice under Hiiro’s leadership.”

– Ali Marshall

(YYoga Park Royal student)

I have attended several of Hiiro’s classes at YYoga Kitsilano, since moving to Vancouver in 2016. My initial experiences of Hiiro’s guidance were in his yin yoga classes, which are both thoughtfully planned, choreographed and clearly guided. In addition, I have also taken part in hatha and flow sessions at YYoga, and enjoy Hiiro’s unique perspective and educational delivery… never too intense, never too serious but always respectful of the disciplines he is working in and the needs of the people in the room.

It is apparent that Hiiro is a cerebral teacher, avid learner and passionate student of his work and is comfortable speaking to the anatomical, physiological and technical aspects of the disciplines, whilst also making the information accessible to those who are less versed in the teachings of yoga. I would happily recommend joining Hiiro for one of his classes…and I might even see you there. Namaste!

– Oliver Finlay

(Director of Performance Science, Medicine and Research and YYoga Student)

“It is my pleasure to acknowledge the amazing work and yoga teachings of Hiiro Prince. I have attended his yoga classes for a few years now and I find him to be respectful, professional, and an excellent teacher. Aside from that, Hiiro is honest, spiritual and shares many personal stories that I find uplifting and meaningful with my own spiritual journey and yoga practice. In his classes I have laughed, shed and released tears, and left many classes with a renewed energy and thought provoking information. I would recommend Hiiro to anyone wishing to enhance their yoga experience in positive ways. Namastè”

– Susan Lee Woodward

(YYoga student since 2014)

“I met Hiiro when I first started yoga a number of years ago. I had joined an all men’s group. The group since dissolved but I have followed this amazing young man’s career. He is Authenticity at it’s best. I am so glad that he stuck with it and continues to share that amazing light with all of us.”

– Peter Barnsdale (Student since 2013)

“From the very first class I took with Hiiro you could see his enthusiasm & love for teaching. He makes everyone feel comfortable & welcome. Yoga is a gift to yourself & Hiiro is a gift to the yoga community!!!”

– Robyn Hardman (Yoga Teacher)

“Hiiro is an amazing, inspiring, knowledgeable and loving teacher. When you’re in his classes, he makes you feel like a peer as opposed to a student. He makes you feel loved and noticed. With gentle hands on assists, informative cueing and reasons why we’re doing each exercise and why we’re using certain props, Hiiro gives a well rounded yoga experience that you can’t wait to come back to. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to return to yoga after spending an hour in his presence as a trusted teacher.”
Brooklyn Wall (Yoga Teacher)

I had the opportunity to take one of Hiiro’s classes a couple of weeks ago. What a lovely young man! He is caring, attentive and engaging, and because his style is well geared towards teaching in stages and overall fun, you can work harder than you think you are able to. I commend his teaching ability.

Laurie Smith, Yoga Teacher and Trainer @YYoga and YMCA Robert Lee.

I had the pleasure to attend Hiiro Prince’s vinyasa yoga class. His vibrancy lit up the room as we prepared to start. An easy to relate to theme of grounding (recent earthquake nearby) set the tone and intention. The class was extremely diverse from brand new yogis to advanced, young to old (20s to 70s!), female and male. Hiiro was able to fluently and energetically connect the class as one. Offering a flowing and smooth vinyasa with modifications complimented by his extensive knowledge about alignment and theory allowed the class to flow as one symbiotically. Truly a kindred spirit offering up his genuine passion of yoga for students and yogis alike to discover and connect to a higher intelligence of intuition and the divine. It will be an exciting growth to watch Hiiro continue to blossom as a teacher. I am grateful to be a part of his journey.

Sarah Wolton Co-owner The Hot Box Yoga®

“Hiiro’s class is one of the best restorative yoga lessons I’ve ever had. Hiiro’s passion for yoga combined with his unique approach infused with music and great hands-on assists makes for a truly transformative and heart-opening experience. Although he is a newer teacher, I felt like he was a senior teacher who had been teaching for over 20-30 years. Thank you Hiiro for bringing the love!”

– Will Blunderfield, Yoga Teacher

“The most valuable thing I took away from Hiiro’s class was feeling welcomed. He made everyone in the room feel important and heard. His teaching is nurturing and warm. Make sure you request a head massage in Savasana, and be transported to the most relaxed state. Hiiro cares for his students, and you will feel supported to fully enjoy who you are and then leave shining and loved.”

– Andrea Klein – Yoga Teacher and student.

“Hiiro is a new teacher pouring his heart into teaching. He cares deeply for the well-being of students and is committed to providing yoga that restores health. His approach is loving, lovable, therapeutic and thorough.”

– Ingrid Nilson, Yoga Teacher. Attended Hiiro’s Power Vinyasa Class.

“Hiiro’s class (restorative yoga) is simply amazing. I wish there would be one class with Hiiro every night. I used to have a sleep disorder, but after his classes I sleep like a baby. I love Hiiro. He is the best.”

– Robert Lee YMCA Student

“I have taken several of Hiiro’s class, including his first public class. I watched the bright-eyed, enthusiastic and passionate teacher teach his first class and wondered how long it would be before he realizes that somethings are just not practical, like performing extensive self-adjustments on his students. But I must say, his eagerness has lasted this far. I love those personal adjustments, it’s almost like you are getting a neck or shoulder massage.

Like he mentions in his website, his teachings are raw and unscripted. I personally like if my teachers have scripted their class a little bit (not too much). But I think this is more important if you are doing an Ashthanga class than a restorative/yin sort of class that Hiiro does. But even for my somewhat structure-preferring self, I must admit that the raw-ness of Hiiro’s teaching was often a welcome refresher: it is fun watching him jump in to a pose and then almost seeing him mentally drill through what instructions he is going to give us. It has the effect I think he hopes for: transcending improvisation.

But what struck me most about him as a teacher, as a person, was his warmth and his nonchalant affection that stereotypically, the west coast is a bit shy about. He listens, he hugs, he smiles and is open to friendship. And I am impressed at teachers who find time for charity: Hiiro volunteers at Karma Teachers, a free community yoga centre in Vancouver.

I think it is important to remember the value of community service, even when we are ourselves busy starting off our own life and career.
I find it a privilege to be able to observe Hiiro, the yoga teacher, grow. And when the mood is right, he tells jokes that will crack you up!”

– Sujeewa Kumaratunga, student since first class.

“I went to the restorative yoga class on Tuesday evening, taught by Hiiro. It was AMAZING. I never ever felt so good after a yoga class! Not only does he have a very good (excellent) teaching style, but also he (indiscernible) to bring peace to the soul. His voice maybe? Or (indiscernible) touch our back whenever needed.”

– Mille, YMCA Robert Lee Student.

“I really enjoyed Hiiro’s class. His sequencing of poses was innovative and unique and took me to deeper places than I have ever gone before. I especially liked his use of restorative touch and intuitive massage. I’ll definitely be back for more of his sessions.”

– Student from Positive Living BC. Attended Hiiro’s Power Vinyasa Class.

“I went to Hiiro’s restorative class after a really rough week. And restore he did! Hiiro’s class provided the perfect mix of the introspection that most of us seek in our practice and the laughter that we often forget to infuse our lives with. I walked into the studio feeling depleted and tired, and walked out feeling sassy. If life is being a bitch, this guy will be your Hiiro”

– Student at Karma Teachers.

“Hiiro’s class was amazing, I have never been to a yoga class even & this was so peaceful, relaxing and I feel like a new person – my heart opened up like never before… I can’t believe it!”

YMCA Robert Lee Student.

I have taken a lot of classes… Never have I had a class as heartfelt and down to Earth as yours. I’m not sure ‘what’ it is about the other classes I’ve taken, however there just seems to be less ‘mainstream’ dialogue and instructions in your class. The way you also compose yourself with heart and humility, connection and empathy, thank you for being yourself!”

– YMCA Robert Lee Student.

“I just attended Hiiro’s Restorative Yoga Class – it was so lovely + calming. I’m sure many busy + professional types like me could benefit from this type of class. Thank you for offering it!”

YMCA Robert Lee Student

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