These class styles were invented solely by Hiiro Prince and True Identity Project as opposed to being a pre-existing lineage like vinyasa or hatha!

 Includes: In Descending Order –

Core Comedy Hour (Laughter, Laughter, Chuckling, Moaning, Core and Therapeutics with Yoga!)

Seed Planters Foundation and Basic Fundamentals (For NEW or Newer Yogis, ALL levels welcome!)

WTFasana Intermediate-Advanced (Please have a regular Vinyasa practice for 2+ Years)

Yoga for Gamers (AshTaBitAsana: 8-Bit Asana + Kirtan + Meditation + Pranayama and MORE!) 

MEN’S Yoga (TestOsterOM, Power Surge BootCamp, NamasGay and HomoAsana)

Kids + Youth + Teens (Little Hiiros / Junior Hiiros / Super Hiiros / True IdentiTeens)

PROJECT: Z (Yoga for Recovery ‘Cancer Patients’ KARMA class to raise $ for the ZP Foundation)

Trauma-Sensitive (Classes targeted to people living with or have dealt with Trauma related matters)

Medi-HATE (Meditation for the Anti-Meditator, Sharing my tricks from initially HATING to LOVING IT!)

LGBTQ Yoga (Mamas/PapasGay ‘Pre-Post Natal for LGBT Couples + Contact Partner Yoga)

VOGUE-ASANA (Fashion + Flamboyance + Eclecticism + Pure Crazy FUN Playlists and FreeStyle Yoga!)

InterPretAsana FreeStyle (Non-Strucuted Yoga Classes driven purely via SHUFFLED RANDOM MUSIC!)

ADULT CHILDSPLAY aka XXXasana: (Yoga Uncensored, Uncut, Controversial, Off the Cuff, Politically Incorrect and Raw Humoured Realness! (*Waiver Release MUST BE SIGNED. Only open to 18+*)

Hiiro Prince + True Identity Project SIGNATURE Class Styles “Invented BY Hiiro Prince”

Core Comedy Hour
Hiiroic Core | HiiroLates | CoreRelations | The ‘Hiiro’ Method | The ‘TIDY’ Method’ |


(Laughter Yoga with Deep Core focus combining Tensegrity from Vijnana Yoga, Anatomy Trains, Anusara UPA’s, Bandhas, Therapeutic Core Alignment and fused with yoga props/asana for a well rounded and sustainable healthy practice.)

Dramatic CoreRelations!

Dramatic CoreRelations!


Foundation Classes aka Seed Planters

Tracy Tahara: Childpose

Tracy Tahara: Childpose – Best Foundational Pose and Practice of Surrender and Humility.



Seed Planters are classes where students will be focusing on their foundational alignment principals that are the building blocks/components to achieve more intermediate ‘Kramas’ or stages of the postures.  There is an emphasis on breath awareness and all aspects of the 8-limbs of yoga practice through an accessible and suitable practice for first time students to those practicing for years and don’t desire an advanced asana practice to feel content in their body/mind/heart.  *Instructions toward alignment and foundations will vary depending on ratio of newer or more veteran yogi and yoginis.

CONNECTING THE DOTS: From Hatha to Vinyasa
*Foundations for a sustainable transition from static to fluid practice.*


When I started asana 4 years ago I hopped ignorantly into a Flow class and had no sense of my alignment, body, form, shape, breath… in fact I had been doused in body lotion from my shower and my yoga mat was slippery with no traction or grip as I sweated all over the place and barely held up in a downward dog!  This class is here to offer those intimidated by practicing a more dynamic style like Vinyasa power or Flow yoga and will be a foundational approach to build the next fundamentals you have acquired from the alignment/form/stability of a Hatha practice.  This class is suitable for other students wanting a refresher on their own practice and come back to the basics of the above.  All levels welcome, especially transitioning students ready to fire up and intensify their asana disciplines.

 Intermediate aka “WTFasana?!”

Tracy Tahara: Eka Pada Urdvha Danurasana

Tracy Tahara: Eka Pada Urdvha Danurasana



*PLEASE have had a consistent Vinyasa or Hatha Practice of minimum 1+ Year and able to perform full wheel independently without extra guidance.*

This class IS FOR the yogi’s who want to challenge and shift their asana practice to a place they may have either not been yet OR have been fearful/hesitant of trying to attempt due to higher risk of injury + lack of trust and support from the teacher leading him/her in class.  Expect there to be more in-depth attention to alignment and foundational components to lead into more challenging and demanding asanas including arm balances, inversions and intermediate/advanced progressions of more foundational asanas.

*Classes WILL ALWAYS incorporate the more esoteric and less mainstream limbs of yoga including but not limited to: Yamas/Niyamas through thematic and dialogue, guided Pranayama to conjure your Focus (Dhyana) and Concentration (Dharana) and acquiring your conceptual state of “Samadhi” or “Bliss.”  Some classes may theme around other systems of the body (Chakras, Malas, Koshas, Vayus) OR purely Anatomical (Anatomy Trains, Bandhas or Anusara UPAs + KAPs).

AshtaBitasana aka NamasGame (Video-Game Yoga/Mantra/KIRTAN with a purely Hiiroic Gamer Twist!),

"Growlithe Pose 'PokéMonAsana Series for AshTaBitAsana!"

“Growlithe Pose ‘PokéMonAsana Series for AshTaBitAsana!”



Targeted at everyone and anyone within the video game, technology, social media, nerd and geek community of Vancouver, this customized and personal approach to yoga, health and wellness is intended to provide major experience points, increased stamina and HP and provide you the inventory, skills and #1 ranked spot on the universal ladder.

Classes will be extremely spontaneous, diverse, one of a kind and catered to the needs of each audience for the classes. Through traditional structuring and class planning of yoga classes i.e. themes, posture sequencing, playlists, specific dialogue and languaging, intentions and focus, EVERYTHING will be VIDEO GAME SATURATED.

If you’re ready to see the world from the perspective you always have since childhood, but nobody seemed to understand where you truly were coming from as a gamer, designer and overall artist… This is our time to collaborate as ONE TRIBE, consider a Guild, Linkshell, Clan, Team, Society or Generation.

*AshtaBit-Kirtan fuses the tradition of chanting mantra in sanskrit WITH the melodies of those from VIDEO GAME Original Sound Tracks and Background Music.  Imagine singing the Gayatri Mantra to the theme song from the original POKéMON series?  Or chanting your heart out to the Anusara Invocation to your #1 Anime or Video Game Series?  Well NOW it’s going to be REALITY!  No controllers required, simply press start on your singing voice and lets play into the night!


NamasGAY: (GAY MEN ONLY!)  Age Ranges will be offered in optional brackets

Exclusively for fellow Gay Males to bond and be in a safe/accepting CLOTHED environment.  These classes / social circle gatherings will provide opportunities to work together in partners, groups, trust exercises, team building self-empowerment and breaking down all the insecurities and vulnerabilities that Gay Men face.  There’s a very special energy that is concocted with a room of open-minded and self-aware gay men which provides the opportunity for yoga, meditation, discussion, safe and appropriate hands-on approaches to occur in this intimate and unique class.

*Due to the nature of age and generations + safety and security, I have separated age ranges into groups for now and will experiment with how this plays out.  Modifications will be made if needed overtime!

Age Categories for NamasGay:
1): 14-21
2): 22-30
3): 30-40
4): 40+

TestosterOM aka Power Surge BootCamp (ALL MEN WELCOME)

Tracy Tahara: Koundinyasana

Tracy Tahara: Koundinyasana



Intense high-octane power bootcamp with emphasis on faster paced flowing and strengthening based poses for those who find yoga too slow, easy or not ‘worth their time.’  You will have your Ego and Self handed to you with love and attitude as well as a well-worked out routine.  Expect to work hard, sweat, be challenged and motivated to expand to new territories both in your strength, flexibility and endurance with this core-focused yoga practice!

HOMOASANA: (Breaking stigma, bigotry, homophobia and all segregations MEN have established)

HomoAsana is the meaning for SAME SEAT or FORM.

Tracy Tahara: Post Handstand

Tracy Tahara: Post Handstand


This special class is more then a yoga class, it’s also a dharma (purposeful) social discussion of our awareness and education about who we ARE as MEN.  Regardless of your race, sex, gender identity, religion, generation etc. etc.  there is A LOT of walls up as men in how we share or express our emotions, thoughts, feelings, actions or judgements and everything between.  It’s the one constant dynamic I have witnessed since Birth and I am now at a point where I want to shift the collective MALE consciousness.  MEN especially either DON’T KNOW HOW to healthily and liberally be at peace with they TRUE IDENTITIES.  The sense of needing to have a certain demeanour, status, lifestyle – there’s a ton of expectations and submerged experiences inside of us.

Whether it was us not being supported with the right balance of Maternal or Paternal leadership and guidance, if we have suffered through a life-changing traumatic event, personally are living with a chronic illness be it life-threatening or not… MEN ARE WIRED DIFFERENTLY depending on all the above factors and dynamics.  Using my lived wisdom in growing up fully identified as Gay, Queer and so forth – the amount of discrimination and alienation I faced was almost to the point where I committed suicide.  The reason I share this in the description is because I DID NOT HAVE THE PROPER MALE ROLE MODELS OR FIGURES TO SUPPORT ME OUTSIDE OF MY OWN FAMILY!  My relationships with Males was always conflicting and I knew that I was going to be dealing with it my whole life being firmly rooted in my homosexuality.

These targeted focused classes are to SUPPORT and EDUCATE, NURTURE and LIBERATE, DESTROY and REPROGRAM the male community and population as a whole so instead of all of us fighting or throwing around hate at another, we can actually unite as one solid force of MAN and rewrite the history that unfortunately still is existent.  There is no need for us to be discriminatory to our own gender, race, backgrounds overall… HomoAsana is the meaning for SAME SEAT or FORM.


Fashion + Yoga = Two Worlds in ONE Practice!

Fashion + Yoga = Two Worlds in ONE Practice!



(Empowering Community based with flamboyant eclectic musical playlists and classes practiced in your favourite non-yoga wear!  Be ready for absolutely ANYthing in the sequences and focuses.  Some classes will be purely inspired by the random shuffle of a playlist and be interpreted by Hiiro spontaneously!  Expect to laugh, play, get super ridiculous beyond relief and abandon/surrender any preconceptions you have of yourself and your capabilities/competencies as a person!  Feel empowered to be TRUE to your IDENTITY!)

(Kids + Youth + Teens Yoga.  MEN ONLY, WOMEN ONLY, or CO-ED!)

Rainbow Kids Yoga Graduation Day

Rainbow Kids Yoga Graduation Day


I am going to begin offering classes for all ages and apply my trainings in Kids Yoga and other areas to facilitate fun, energetic and safe spaces for yoga to be passed down to the next generation (and I’m saying this at 22? Uh-Oh!  The Big Kid Hiiro is excited to play too! – I never really truly ‘grew’ up from childhood in terms of my love of games and playtime, it’s the best!”

Me in Kindergarten and also as a Baby

Me in Kindergarten and also as a Baby!

“Little-Hiiros” will be focused towards kids aged (3-5) years old

“Junior-Hiiros” will be focused towards kids aged (5-8

Super-Hiiros will be focused towards kids/pre-teens aged (9-12)

TRUE IDENTI-TEENS will be focused for one gender OR co-ed ages (13-19)

Hiiro at 16 Years Old

Hiiro at 16 Years Old and in pure Shopaholicism


– This class will cater to a mixture of all-levels asana class to keep attention spans stimulated while also enforcing social dialogue between the students to build healthy and supportive relationships especially through eye-contact, respectful and consensual physical hands-on adjustments by the students and/or teachers, interactive games that weave yoga and mindfulness into a unique and innovative experience for multi-leveled age demographics and learning/behavioural styles.

*If there’s demand in future I will consider another age bracket aimed at ages (19-24)*

MamasGay + PapasGay
(Pre-Post Natal for Straight and LGBTQ Couples!)

This style of class will be in support of LGBTQ couples who are expecting their child and whether they are carrying (for Lesbian couples) or not (Gay Couples and/or one female partner of the Lesbian Couple) and provide the vital bonding time between parents and child to be or recently received by the universe.  Similar to the teens class description, parents will enjoy the fun and interactive interconnectedness through traditional and non-traditional yoga practices and whether it’s asana or meditation and energy healing, as long as the parents are content… I am as well!

PROJECT: Z (Yoga for Cancer Survivors and Recovery):

My Family: Elana Sigal (Mother on Left), ZACH PRINCE (Former Brother), Hiiro Prince (11 Years Old), Dana Prince (Father, Right)

My Family: Elana Sigal (Mother on Left), ZACH PRINCE (Former Brother), Hiiro Prince (11 Years Old), Dana Prince (Father, Right)


A DONATION Karma Yoga Project established by True Identity Yoga Project.Ultimate vision is to establish universal awareness for Teen/Adolescent Acute Cancer research and development through the selfless acts of therapeutic and active yoga/meditation and public speaking.To provide the Zach Prince Foundation as much financial support in order to develop a cure and treatment for TEEN CANCER! I will host classes, workshops, series, discussions for everyone either dealing or affected by those dealing with Cancer in their family or friends. This will cover relationships between different family dynamics, grief and loss of those affected by Cancer, yoga classes and events targeting mental health, emotional health, physical recovery and community development/support.With the involvement of Vancouver’s Yoga community and everyone connected with people in their lives affected by Cancer, I dream for there to be a community centre or studio for the True Identity Yoga Project where I can offer therapeutic restorative yoga for recovery, mental/emotional health, yin, kids/youth/teens and also provide a safe practice environment for the GLBTQ community and any/every body.


Having been through lifelong Trauma (if you have read my other posts) I have always been intuitive and connected to wanting to help other’s cope and/or heal from their own hardships that have occurred in their lifetime.  Having twice completed the Core Training at Yoga Outreach with Nicole Marcia, I have been blessed to learn the necessary skills to provide trauma-sensitive classes that cater to anyone living or dealing with mental health and mood disorders, eating or image disorders, anxiety and depression, sexuality or gender issues, teen suicide and worthlessness, anything you can think of, I’ve been through it myself (almost everything) and it’s my duty now to be there to provide tools for my peers to help themselves.

Class styles can range from the quietest sound healing and yoga nidra with restorative OR a high octane power class to get them out of their head and be free to express and release any rage or strong emotions.  Come play and be free to feel safe, secure, nurtured and also spacious with room to breath and always do nothing if that’s the practice you need on the day you show up… showing up is a practice in itself ;)!

MEDI-HATE (Meditation for Anti-Meditators): DESCRIPTION:

"Get me the hell out of here!"

“Get me the hell out of here!” – “I am inhaling for 1.. 2… – I HATE THIS!!!!”                      (What I would have said BEFORE 2013.)


I began loathing the idea of even sitting and doing nothing with my eyes closed last year.  I couldn’t fathom the idea of enjoying a seated practice that forced me to look inside myself and listen as the breath came and went with absolutely no Ego or attachments on my part.  I want to share that I now have a consistent meditation practice and have learnt the skills and tools of discipline and awareness to enjoy and actually CRAVE sitting with eyes closed.

This special class is focused on sharing the same experiences but making it as painless as I can for students to develop their own meditation practices and knowing that there’s multiple orientations and body positions one can chose in order to meditate.  Seated, laying down, walking, listening, sensory, there’s nonstop ways!

I also have a toolbox of mindfulness and awareness skills from my former Dialectical Behaviour Therapy training and these are core components in the stabilization of how I’ve sustained my yoga/meditation practices and with usually more or less a smile on my face :).

InterPretAsana FreeStyle (Non-Strucuted Yoga Classes driven purely via SHUFFLED RANDOM MUSIC!)


Tracy Tahara: Tripod L-Stand toward Handstand

Tracy Tahara: Tripod L-Stand toward Handstand


One day I taught a class where I wasn’t sure what to do in my sequences.  So I pulled my iPhone out and said… “I’m hitting shuffle and whatever it plays will spontaneously determine the sequences and entire class flow!”  Madonna’s VOGUE was the first track and I had them on their backs doing some Core work in the form of Leg Raises like Can Can Legs.  This is where VOGUE-AH and InterPretAsana were birthed and now I’m test driving it at the studio!  Be prepared with no expectation besides unpredictability and tons of eclectic music ranging from ragtime 20’s to video game and anime sound tracks as well as Motown, disco and Bollywood!


Spreading it wide for my Kids Yoga Certification!

Spreading it wide for my Kids Yoga Certification!


(Uncensored, Uncut, Controversial, Off the Cuff, Politically Incorrect and Raw Humoured Realness!

(*Waiver Release MUST BE SIGNED. Only open to 18+*)

Have you ever been to those yoga classes that just seem too… ‘perfectly articulated, contrived, esoteric or just purely disconnected? ”  This signature special class is aimed at Adults who are on the crazy and eccentric wild side who are up for ANYTHING.  You are the type the DOES NOT GET OFFENDED OR PHASED by cursive language, intentional and non-serious off coloured humour and subject matters, are open to a really fun and experimental yoga and movement practice and are simply seeking some comic relief in anyway possible.  This is what I would the… ANTI YOGA class, for people either NOT INTO YOGA or NEED A PLACE TO BE FREE AND RELAXED in their own True Identities!

Classes may include group exercises including public speaking and getting the stagnated blockages out of your systems, partner work to form trust between yourself and a partner, dharma talks from me (Hiiro) about how Yoga can be absolutely anything both ON and OFF the mat itself and absolutely anything imaginable in this unique class style.

This IS the class where your INNER CHILD can be LIBERATED and come out to play Yoga and not be confined in the RibCage which I like to sometimes refer to as a “Prison Cell.”

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