To my late and only sibling, Zachary Meyer Sigal Prince:  Eight years has felt like an eternity since the last time I saw you… When you laid in your bed… And for the FIRST & LAST time, truthfully saying to me:
 “I Love You, I am Proud of the man I see before me… Please take care of mom and dad.  I’m sorry for everything and know you will be okay.”
I wasn’t able to contain or compose myself at 13 years old, my heart shattered, body paralyzed as I felt part of my innocence and inner child soak into his bed sheets and slowly disappear into another plane.
My Brother lived a life surrounded by music, sports and plenty of card games, as well as using his younger bro as a scapegoat for teaming up against him with his friends in Co-Op video games 😆.
Wherever you are, you better be rocking out to a nonstop live concert feat. Green Day, Drop Kick Murphy’s, System of a Down, Eminem, Linkin Park, The Offspring, Franz Ferdinand and Swollen Members.  Watching repeat episodes of All the late night shows especially Conan O’Brien with Triumph the Comic Dog, SNL Celebrity Jeopardy.
Kicking ass as ‘LazerMaster’ on Zone.Com Cribbage competitions, annihilating all cyber freaks in Magic the Gathering, FFX Blitz Ball and FFVIII’s Triple Triad card game.  How can I forget Lazer Chess!
I will alway remember you for your obscene over-perfectionism and OCD with 100%ing your Final Fantasy 8, 10 and 10-2 save slots, I think I have a photo of you with 120+ HOURS and looking proud with your curliest Jew Fro.  Or the ONE time where MY white angel deck slaughtered your red dragons and your ante was that whole deck?
 The endless hours I tried and tried to smash his shell open and follow his lead, yet to no success in the years we spent rivaling against another.  We showed our love in polar opposite ways, he was a Leo & Fire Dragon, as I am a Aquarius & Water Monkey.
A constant dance it was between us, as all we shared in common were (at the time) some foods, games, a sick dark and twisted humour and sitting the exact same way cross-legged.  Not a day goes by where I don’t think about him deeply and whole-heartedly.  As I sit in Coal Harbour looking out into the sea, I would only dream of swimming into the horizon and anchoring to the bottom in hopes of finding him there….
I breathed deeply the entire day, smiled and laughed my way through yoga class, walking through the city, cracking my back, surrounding myself with all things with LOVE.
No matter what though, I know my brother never had the opportunities that most people get in a lifetime.  Diagnosed at 15 and perished before 17, he barely grad from high school, obtain his full drivers license, explore his career path in his passions of music, sports or comedy and any other variables.  He never fell in love, had a relationship, his entire adulthood taken right underneath his soul.
This is one of the rooted drives I have, and one that will ALWAYS root me in who I am, WHERE I came from, and WHY I persevere resiliently through the roller coaster of ‘life.’
I write this as a testament to honoring the short life you had to experience in this universe.
And lastly, the one thing I always have to hold you close all the above… These memories, anecdotes, and only some are written.  Not a day passes by where I don’t sense you, and as I honour you and listen to Green Day, American Idiot album, this was the last album produced by them you had chance to experience.
Wherever you are…:
“I hope you’re having the time of your life…”  I’m still here and will never stop sharing your story, bring on another 8 more years and I will hopefully ‘see you’ soon.
My bittersweet an humble heart to yours, your youngest and only brother,
Hiiro Zakè-Sigal Prince


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