In this non-asana, energetics based workshop, explore the use of props while learning the complementary practices of active therapeutic restorative and passive yin yoga.  You will be exposed to tangible takeaway self-care mindfulness exercises which will focus on Pranayama/Meditation and how they can be applied within an asana practice.  There will be hands-on bodywork and assists with essential oils while being serenaded with the vibrations of singing bowls.  Many people mistake an active or passive restorative and yin yoga practices for being one in the same, however this is not the case.  You will learn what the key components are of each style, how they are able to be practiced simultaneously and observe the benefits of them.

This fully embodied experience will educate you on the benefits of using props through practice and how they can help the nervous system neutralize into its parasympathetic (rest & digest) state.


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