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Brief Synopsis of the True Identity Movement Project’s Vision/Mission/Purpose

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Want to explore your ‘True Identity?”

Personal BIO:

Born February 1, 1992 – Hiiro Zaké Sigal Prince was always a different kind of being. Growing up with severe mental health disorders (Anxiety/Depression/PTSD/Non-Verbal Learning Disorder/Speech Delay) and an old soul from the get go, his intuition and awareness was wise beyond his early years. This proved to him that he had an interesting journey awaiting his future.  Hiiro was born in Vancouver, BC, Canada and grew up with his parents (Elana and Dana) and his 1 older Brother Zachary in Kerrisdale.  Hiiro was a true video gamer and spent most of his life investing 12hrs daily into the true ‘universe’ he always (and still presently) sees his everyday perspective through.  He was fully inactive and had no health-consciousness in every respect and this brought him to weighing 180lb at 5’2″at age 12!

Through Hiiro’s image transformation, which also involved the embracing of his own sexuality and identity, he found his love of self-expression/creativity through visual/performing arts and Men’s fashion/image/style and all things retail focused.  There was never a dull moment whenever he would enter a store and spend hours analyzing their business model, sales and customer service experience, merchandising and buying and brand integrity.  This shifted Hiiro’s focus from the gaming industry into the fashion/retail/image world which drove him to design/illustrate/produce his own clothing and products in 2007.  He worked consistently in local boutiques and his most recent role was his time as a YBoutique Specialist @YYOGA from 2011-2013 and continues to stay connected through his love of the industry through True Identity Movement Project.

In 2003 at the age of 15, his older brother Zach was diagnosed with A.L.L. (Acute Lymphocytic Leukaemia, Stage 4 Blood Cancer) and battled courageously until August 10th, 2005.  When Zach was still alive, Hiiro decided to shave his head and raise money/awareness for Adolescents Living with Blood Cancer through Balding for Dollars and successfully raised enough funding to create the Zach Prince Foundation which has been able to provide dedicated resources/tools/training/facilities for other’s living with what Zach did.  Hiiro realized that his life was extremely short, that everything he was doing for himself was only going to result in chronic obesity and life-debilitating health concerns.

This is where the beginning of Hiiro’s True Identity Movement Project began, by him losing 45lbs in 7 months through a complete 180º overhaul of his exercise, diet, nutrition, wellness and lifestyle.  It was initially through a love of the video game Dance Dance Revolution (Popularized in arcades/home consoles in Asia then North America in the late 90s/00s) that Hiiro had the cardio outlet for burning fat/calories which in 2006-2010 bloomed into short/long distance running through his High School years via competitive/recreational Track&Field.  With the rise of the mainstream yoga community growing, Hiiro kept hearing the term/activity and he decided to try the new Nintendo Wii Fit Yoga when it launched- integrating the stretching into his cool down from running.

Eventually it was intriguing him enough that he wanted to overcome his social/transitional/environmental anxieties and force himself to try a public yoga class.  It was a sign from the universe when he was exploring the 2010 Olympics in his home town, walked into Lululemon Athletica and was handed a FREE 2-Week “Gift of Yoga” pass to YYoga. He began his journey with the Downtown Flow Centre @888 Burrard St. and between 2010-Present day Hiiro has now fully integrated/embodied, nurtured/restored and always exploring his True Identity.  Hiiro began teaching Yoga in late 2012, Spin in 2015 and  Mat PilatesJuly 2016 in order to provide a well-rounded and intuitive movement platform for his students.  To date he has completed over 900hrs of Teacher Training and Continuing Education and always will be a student and work in progress.  He stands by his mantra of #ComeOuttoTuneIn 

Professional Bio

Hiiro Prince puts an emphasis on an unconventional, nurturing, healing, honest, liberating, laughter-filled, down to Earth practice. His unique fusion of therapeutic restorative and yin:yang incorporates a gentle, dynamic, intuitive, hands-on approach.  He always sees the yoga mat as raw blank canvas, a creative playground like an open artist studio – except it’s a yoga studio!

A teacher whom believes in breaking beyond the physical boundaries of the mat, Hiiro provides his students the freedom to take their practices to where they need it to be. He encourages open dialogue and story-sharing, offers his students tangible takeaway tools to apply with off their mat, with the practical purpose of self care. He gives the gift of the 8 limbs from his heart, space for awareness and compassion and a foundation on which their inward and eternal journey can grow.

His passion for teaching draws from life experience, his own intuition of embodied and integrated mindfulness and awareness practice, an advocacy for Gay Men’s healthy, alternative/unconventional lifestyles and the belief in the importance of a connection with your own “True Identity.”

His power/flow/vinyasa classes are playful, charismatic and uplifting while offering inclusivity to all levels and bodies.  In his Hatha classes, Hiiro breaks down the foundations and principals of alignment/breath and asana with modifications and props.  His restorative and yin classes may include yoga nidra, nada (sound healing) yoga, optional hands-on assists, guided meditation/visualization and pranayama (breath work).

You can expect that each class will always offer a different, genuine and authentic experience whether it’s the theming, playlist or sequencing.  The one thing that will consistently remain the same will be his sincere support, his unwaivering dedication, and his focus on you and your bright light.

He asks that you tune out to tune in and be open to exploring your ‘True Identity!’

Nurture. Restore. Explore!





I have been teaching Yoga/Pilates/Spin since 2013 and passionate about integrating these modalities through educating proper form/safety/alignment and pairing it with breath and mindfulness (Spirit/Mind/Body). I love teaching and coaching my riders with pride BOTH on/off the bike and authentically build relationships with them and cultivate an inclusive/holistic community.  Come as you are and explore your True Identity, I accommodate all bodies, levels and injuries and ensure you’re empowered to establish your own discipline on the bike!


My classes are unconventional, intuitive and individual- every single time will be different whether it’s the drills, play list or theme of the ride.


My playlists range from high intensity bass bumping music combined with an eclectic mix of deep house, EDM, 90s, anthems, retro and even a touch of electro-swing, motown and J+K POP!

I bring a “Soul Cycle” inspired atmosphere/vibe while upholding authentic and traditional road cycling principals (NO upper body/tap back/hovering etc.) You’ll definitely be a fierce, fabulous, liberated hot-mess guaranteed, get ready to ride with PRIDE!

Hiiro is the founder of The True Identity Movement Project + Project Z: (Yoga | Resources for Adolescent Cancer Patients).

Hiiro currently offers public Therapeutic/Classical Restorative, Yin, Hatha/Gentle Hatha, Vinyasa/Power/Flow, Indoor Cycling/Spin classes and Mat Pilates in the Lower Mainland through YYoga, Vancouver Corporate Yoga, Spin City Cycle, YWCA Health+Fitness.  He also joined forces with the Westin Bayshore’s #YogaWestin program as part of their well-being initiative in Summer 2015 where he leads private/exclusive classes for Guests/Staff within the hotel and it is now in its 2nd year of operation.

Hiiro shares yoga/spin/pilates as well as a contractor for the Arbutus Club in Vancouver’s Westside.  He is also a certified SCHWINN Indoor Cycling Teacher with 25hrs Group Fitness Theory from CanFitPro, completed his Level 1 and 2 of PRYT with Shivani Wells (Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy.)  Hiiro has been a 2 time presenter for the Yogathon Vancouver in 2015 and 2016 and was a presenter at the first Vancouver Yoga Expo 2016!  He was also celebrated and recognized by as one of 2016’s TOP TEN leading Yoga Teachers internationally for his VGMY: Vancouver Gay Men’s Yoga.


Most recently, Hiiro has finally began conquering his fear and inexperience with YouTube and is now producing yoga/non-yoga related content to provide for the community and general public.  This is also an outlet for him to intentionally target/reach out to specific communities and demographics that resonate deeply with Hiiro and he hopes to expand this into a viral network/platform for everyone!

He is grateful for the education he has been able to acquire from his teachers/mentors including:

Mike Nichols, Dr. Genieve Burley, Chris Manansala, Elle Scott, Shivani Wells, Rachel Martens, Heather Eschuk, Lucy Ulmer, Kelly Colleen and Nicole Marcia.

Outside of his yoga practice and teaching, Hiiro enjoys his spare time pursuing his passion for photography, creative writing and visual/performing arts, enjoying float sessions, spin classes, guzzling cold-pressed green juices, wearing an awesome pair of Fluevog boots and indulging in reality TV and the occasional childhood video game session.  He cares deeply for his community, building and establishing new relationships and is always wearing a smile on his face with arms wide-open to give the universe a hug.

He is also proud to be a FLOAT AMBASSADOR @FLOAT HOUSE and more information can be found here!

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Want to explore your ‘True Identity?”

*Personal information + References removed from online version.  Available via request*


My passion is to encourage and inspire others to make positive choices toward their health and well being.  I am looking for an opportunity to grow and expand my knowledge and being part of a strong team. I am loyal, self-motivated, driven, goal-oriented, positive, creative

Spin City Cycle, Burnaby, BC (2017-Present)
Spin Teacher

YWCA Health+Fitness, Vancouver, BC (2017-Present)
Yoga & Spin & Pilates Teacher 

The Arbutus Club, Vancouver, BC (2015-Present)
Yoga & Spin & Pilates Teacher

Vancouver Corporate Yoga, Vancouver, BC (2016-Present)
Yoga & Pilates Teacher 

Westin Bayshore Hotel, Vancouver, BC (2015-Present)
YogaWESTIN Head Teacher – Restorative/Yin/Hatha/Vinyasa yoga

YYoga, Vancouver, BC (2014 – Present)
Yoga & Spin & Pilates Teacher – Restorative/Yin/Hatha/Vinyasa/ Pilates/Spin

Chopra Yoga Centre, Vancouver, BC (2015 – 2016)
Yoga Teacher – Restorative/Yin/Hatha/Vinyasa yoga

Robert Lee YMCA, Vancouver, BC (2014 – 2015)
Yoga Teacher – Restorative/Yin/Hatha/Vinyasa yoga

Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary, Vancouver, BC (2014)
Receptionist – Trained all staff on Mind Body Online server. Set up retail inventory.

Bloom Yoga Studio, Vancouver, BC (2013 – 2014)
Yoga teacher – Restorative/Yin/Hatha/Vinyasa yoga

YYoga: Flow Wellness & Kitsilano, Vancouver, BC (2011 – 2013)
Guest Experience Team Member and YBoutique Specialist

Provided information and sold programs and packages to guests. Booked wellness appointments. Handled retail sales, and administrative duties. Assisted YBoutique Manager with buying, weekly inventory count, and improving monthly budgeting and loss prevention procedures. Educated the Guest Experience Team members on the YBoutique’s operations and new products. Assisted with training new Guest Experience members. Played key roles managing the YYoga friends and family sale and the 2013 staff New Year’s Party.

Motherland, Vancouver, BC (2011)
Retail Sales – Responsible for opening/closing, store operations, and customer service.

Fashion BS Radio, Washington, D.C. (2009 – 2012)
Fashion correspondent – Responsible for reporting on fashion and lifestyle in major cities on the North American West Coast.


YHOT Teacher Training – With Hillary Keegan and Lisa Sanson @YYOGA  (2017)

Mat Pilates Teacher Training – With Marta Hernandez @ Physical Mind Institute (2016)

Introduction to Tensegrity – With Andrew Clements (2016)

Motivational Coaching Techniques Workshop – With Lucy Ulmer (2016)

CanFitPro 25hr Group Fitness Theory (FIS) – With Tim Hawke & Tara Lowry (2016)

Level 1 / 2 Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT) – Stretch Vancouver with Shivani Wells (2015)

CERTIFIED SCHWINN Indoor Cycling Teacher- Spin Society with Andrea Leigh (2015)

Registered Yoga Teacher RYT-500 – Vancouver School of Yoga (2013 – 2014)

Yin Yoga (70 Hr) – YYoga with Elle Scott (2014)

Advanced Anatomy Yoga (25 Hr) – Dr. Genieve Burley (2014)

Registered Yoga Teacher RYT-200 – Shine Yoga with Mike Nichols (2012 – 2013)

Therapeutic Restorative Yoga (80 Hr) – Christopher Manansala (2012 – 2013)

Kids and family Yoga (25 Hr) – Rainbow Kids Yoga (2013)

Core Training (16 Hr) – Yoga Outreach (2013)

Interdisciplinary design – Kwantlen Polytechnic University (2010)


YMCA, Vancouver, BC (2013 – 2014)
Yoga teacher

Positive Living BC, Vancouver, BC (2013)
Yoga Teacher

Karma Teachers, Vancouver, BC (2013)
Gentle Yoga Program Manager and Community Outreach Coordinator

One Yoga for the People, Vancouver, BC (2013)
Karma Yogi Volunteer

Chopra Yoga Centre, Vancouver, BC (2013)
Studio Volunteer

Queer Arts Festival, Vancouver, BC (2010)
Helped with gallery installation and ushered for performance.

Vancouver Queer Film Festival, Vancouver, BC (2010)
Administration Volunteer

Lets work together:


All Yoga Styles With Verbal/Non-Verbal Guidance

Non-Studio / Community Class Videos

(P)RIDE Indoor Cycling Video Demo’s


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