I never thought I would be sitting here about to embark on my first real journey. As a yoga teacher, intuitive healer and creative visionary, I plan to introduce to the world a very unique and profound approach to living life and embodying your True Identity!

This website and blog have been my blood, sweat and tears and I want to especially thank Deidre Simmons and Brendan Pace for their help with some of the photography and graphics you will see throughout my pages!

It is an understatement to say that I am ecstatic as far as being able to share this as a resource for your own discovery or education. You will see many updates and new information to come soon, while in the meantime feel free to refer to the ‘classes’ tab for my daily public schedule! All the projects and visions of True Identity Project are on the site and can readily be accessed if more information is desired.

I look forward to seeing you in class and on the mat, until then know you’re always able to email me (Hiiro Prince) at TrueIdentityYoga@Gmail.com for all yoga related questions inquiries!

Hiiro Zaké Sigal Prince:
Creator of True Identity Movement Project


What's Your Heart Feeling?

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