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Gentle + Therapeutic Yoga and the VGMY Philosophy

At VGMY it’s all about Self love, Self care and Self discovery through nurturing restoring/exploring your True Identity. Yoga is always a process and there never truly is an end goal, we’re always able to be a student and continue learning about our Self. There isn’t any judgment, expectation or end goal to achieve anything on the exterior/superficial body.

We believe in an energetic and intuitive approach towards your practices that evolve from the inside-out, versus outside-in. VGMY is a non-dogmatic/religious, neutral and 100% open-minded community that welcomes all schools of thought, belief and perspectives of life and practice. Come as you are and allow the rest to unfold organically.

Gentle + Therapeutic Yoga is the perfect resource for this as you will learn tangible takeaway tools for managing mental/emotional/spiritual well-being. Our approach to Yoga is NOT emphasized on ASANA (Physical Postures and Practice) and instead about the other 7 limbs that revolve around it.

Although classes will incorporate the Asana, a strong focus will be on Yama/Niyama (ethics, morals, values and integrity in your own practice) Pranayama (breath awareness), Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal), Dharana/Dhyana (focus and concentration) and Samadhi (embodying your True Identity). When combined with the Asana practice, the mind/body/spirit are able to operate more effectively for daily living.

We believe in the full 8 limb path of Yoga/Mindfulness/Awareness which is becoming less accessible and offered in the west coast culture and studios. There are many different kinds of non-physical practices that are based on these 8 limbs and other Yogic tradition/lineages which can be accessed through VGMY with a non-intimidating and completely open-minded approach.

VGMY is a community where we fiercely thrive to inspire, support and empower another to become our own leaders, mentors, coaches and teachers. The ability to learn from each other on all spectrums is the beauty of Yoga and sharing a like-minded desire to understand our True Identity

This opens the doors for many offerings for the Gay, Bi, Trans Men’s community including, but not limited too:

  • Dharma Talks, Presenters, Discussion Circles
  • Satsang (Community Building/Networking/Gathering)
  • Workshops, Immersions, Progressive Series, Retreats and more!

“Come Out and Tune In”

Hiiro Zaké Sigal Prince: DSC_1014


Hiiro Zaké Sigal Prince: Founder, Owner, Director, Head Teacher

Hiiro Zaké Sigal Prince is an interdisciplinary movement teacher specializing in Yoga/Spin/Pilates. He is the creator of True Identity Movement Project and VGMY.

He is passionate and committed to building a more holistic and conscious Gay/Bi/Trans Men’s focused community and giving them a place to be their SELF and call HOM.

Growing up, Hiiro felt he didnt have a voice in the community that he wanted to resonate with. This inspired and motivated him to create VGMY.

VGMY will be the first fully dedicated Yoga/Wellness space for the Gay/Bi/Trans Men’s community.

Hiiro teaches a raw, uncensored and unconventional practice which is all geared toward ones own Self. Hiiro provides people space to reflect inward as much as express outward from a place of authenticity and sincerity. His approach to the practice is that the asana has minimal affect on the body until the heart and mind sync with the spirit, in which then the body is an open vessel for growth and expansion. He believes in the ethics and integrity of the yoga practice from a full 8 limbed perspective and non-physical focused offering.

What's Your Heart Feeling?

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