Hello everyone , as I continue filming content I will be using props and offer solutions for them as makeshift as possible.  Here are the main tools I use in most classes when possible, and know that all are optional and not required to benefit from these classes and your own body is PERFECT AS IS!
1️⃣: You can order all props online whether it be from @shophalfmoon @fitnessdepotcanada  and if you do visit @londondrugs they have a minimal section of equipment available as well!
2️⃣: Aside firm 3 or 4″ yoga blocks, you only need 1 of each prop or item versus a set.
▪︎1 Set of yoga blocks (or metal cans)
▪︎1 Chip foam block (or a pillow)
▪︎1 Rectangular Bolster (or blankets)
▪︎1 Blanket (fleece or cotton or wool)
▪︎1 Yoga strap (A simple belt is good)
▪︎1 Ball (Tennis, dryer, lacrosse etc.)
▪︎1 Dowel (Rolling Pin, Metal bottle)
▪︎1 Eye Pillow (Folded tissues work!)
▪︎1 Mat (Or carpet/floor+pad support)
▪︎1 Exercise band (Some use a towel!)
▪︎1 Micro Loop (Use band instead!)
4️⃣:  WHY PROPS?
▪︎Props are my most favourite element because they enhance the practice to a degree that allows for further exploration into your body and most important, beyond it entirely while remaining aligned and safe!
▪︎Props are NOT dumbing down or weakening your practice ❤, they allow for your body to engage more integrally and help explore further variations or adaptations of asana, movement and exercises in both the asana and non-asana setting.
▪︎Props tend to have a stigma from students as it can trigger the ‘Ego’ and that’s completely valid!  It requires humility and non-judgment to allow and recieve the tools that can supply our practice a different (not better or worse) perspective on how we relate and interact with our bodies, minds and hearts in this journey.
▪︎Props help to SUSTAIN a long term, healthier and more consistent practice as we mature and become more embodied within our unique skeletal variation and structural alignment.  Props also can soften the nervous system and promote more parasympathetic response which signals resting, healing and digesting.
5️⃣: Happy Practicing 


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