Part of Hiiro Prince’s True Identity Project: A unique style of YOGA for VIDEO GAMERS. Postures, Playlists, Themes, Dialogue ALL VIDEO GAME centred.



  • To provide customized and personalized yoga to everyone in Vancouver’s video game, digital media, social networking industries through public/private institutions, corporations and local venues.


  • Establishing a community of students in the tech industries via yoga and eventually a standalone space for a daily committed practice with NamasGame aka AshtaBitAsana (8-bit Yoga!)


  • To inspire and provoke people through a very different way of practicing yoga in a fun, non-intimidating, open-minded community through love of video games.

ASH-TA-BIT-ASANA aka 8-Bit Yoga, is a customized personal touch to the ancient teachings of yoga.

Hiiro Prince, born holding a game controller has always seen the world through the eyes of an MMORPG fanatic “Think like FFXI Online, Diablo II: LoD or Guild Wars.” Once he realized there was more to life then gaming (this was a very devastating moment, a game over Hiiro) he found his career path of YOGA.

He knew he needed to find a way to combine his two passions from childhood and now young adulthood. This is when he realized, he needed to start a NEW GAME +. That revision of life was given birth and Ashtabitasana was established in 2013.

Targeted at everyone and anyone within the video game, technology, social media, nerd and geek community of Vancouver, this customized and personal approach to yoga, health and wellness is intended to provide major experience points, increased stamina and HP and provide you the inventory, skills and #1 ranked spot on the universal ladder.

Classes will be extremely spontaneous, diverse, one of a kind and catered to the needs of each audience for the classes. Through traditional structuring and class planning of yoga classes i.e. themes, posture sequencing, playlists, specific dialogue and languaging, intentions and focus, EVERYTHING will be VIDEO GAME SATURATED.

If you’re ready to see the world from the perspective you always have since childhood, but nobody seemed to understand where you truly were coming from as a gamer, designer and overall artist… This is our time to collaborate as ONE TRIBE, consider a Guild, Linkshell, Clan, Team, Society or Generation.

NamasGame, Ashtabitasana, 8-Bit Yoga is part of the umbrella under ” TRUE IDENTITY YOGA PROJECT by HIIRO PRINCE ”

As this project is brand new, please understand that information and updates will periodically be updated VIA this page as well as True Identity Yoga Project by Hiiro Prince.

“Prepare for trouble and make that double, as we fight evil by moonlight and win love by daylight”

Game on, Choose YOUR own adventure, and have a 1up along the way. NamasGame.

To become involved with NamasGame, contact the information below:

  • (604) 218-5265

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