Experience the full Yang:Yin experience through this infusion of indoor cycling with the incorporation of a Gentle Yoga practice immediately following the spin practice. You will benefit from an integrated and embodied journey of the heart, spirit, mind and body. Learn the fundamentals and applications of how both of these forms of movement and stillness can provide homeostasis and equanimity in your life and self-care practices. You haven’t experienced this rendition of mental fitness before, bow to the wheel and embody your True Identity.

“I am beyond passionate about the combinations that Spinning has with Gentle Yoga. The benefits of the meditative yang-natured cycling discipline combined with the immediate following of a Therapeutic yoga practice is priceless.

All the time in spinning culture, people associate their accomplishments based on their pure physical fitness through exhaustion or liberation. Beyond the superficial and tactile body, is the tangibility of the subtle energy bodies or systems we refer to in the Yoga lineages. Whether it’s the chakras, nadis, meridians, vayus, kleshas, malas etc… indoor cycling creates the platform and template for these inner evolutions to occur.

When combined with the specific motivational coaching techniques through mindfulness and dialogue exercises, the emotional/mental/spiritual progressions begin to take shape well beyond the temporary anatomical structures of our collective consciousness. This isn’t fitness… it’s spiritual awakening through nurturing, restoring and exploring the True Identities of us as energetic beings.

It is through Spin&Yin that these inward epiphanies in the human soul can begin.”

– Hiiro Zaké Sigal Prince, Creator of Spin&Yin



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