Are you a business of any scale that is seeking some yoga, meditation or other related offerings?

VALET me to your office or desired location; Home Studio is also available to run classes of any style to suit your employees/staff!

I am an established multi-disciplined movement teacher who specializes in providing customized and accessible Yoga, Mat Pilates and Meditation classes to all environments/levels.

I am passionate about helping other people explore their inner Self through the many aspects of the body, mind, heart and spirit and building authentic relationships with them in a long term manner.

My skills can provide team building, self empowerment, healing and above all- stress relief and management in the workplace.  Specific targeted programs that will offer the physical body a place to strengthen, tone and lengthen and the mind to calm, ease and soothe.  This let’s the heart and spirit maintain the morale and performance needed to optimally produce and achieve goals and tasks within the work and home environment.

My services are available to provide your corporate clientele and community what you are seeking and I look forward to the continued conversation about working together. 

For more information including scheduling times and booking rates:


What's Your Heart Feeling?

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