Conquering Childhood OBESITY: DDR

After suffering the loss and PTSD of my brother Zachary Prince, I realized at a young age how life was going to be taken from me potentially ANY day following.  I ran for the furthest horizon point and this started to occur around 13 years of age.  I was eating McDonalds and other constant unhealthy foods in massive proportions.  One example would be me in a food fair with 4-piece super sized KFC meal right with a DQ dessert after…. OR at Earls getting dry ribs, chicken tenders and fries with a sundae all at one time. I was a emotional and binge eater as well as a image dysmorphic young man.  I had to retrain my brain from being an emotional eater to the point where I ate food so much and so fast that I would either regurgitate it OR go the other route and starve myself, count 1200 calories a day and chew gum nonstop to trick my system of hunger deprivation.

True Identity honestly began when I lost 40 pounds through 6 months of intensive cardio via Dance Dance Revolution and Running.  Then there was the dietary shifting and overall adolescence with me growing 5’2-5’10 over several years.  This progressed into further editing on my health and nutrition and finding Yoga at 16, then starting daily Yoga at 18 to present days.

I started DDR in Playdium at Metrotown i the 90s and could live there ALL day long if it were still a reality… well at least there GameWorks in the States!

One day I will revive my hobby of DDR and rhythm based video games.  It’s on my Joy Practice list for 2014.

Hope you enjoy it!

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