Mat Pilates focused on alignment, integration and full on fabulousness!

Are you nervous or intimidated by the Pilates practice? Nothing to fear with my approach to this movement modality, I will provide you the tools needed to enjoy Mat Pilates without any hesitation.

My approach to Mat Pilates is to teach you the fundamentals and exercises that will establish and refine your ‘core’ muscles, posture, spinal health and integrate them into your life daily functional movement.

In True Identity fashion, I am calling my Pilates “HiiroLates” for everyone and also “HomoLates” – an all Gay men’s tongue in cheek Mat Pilates class filled with campiness, flamboyance, charisma and tons of fire!

I am available for privates, corporate and any other scenario of your interest with regards to teaching!

Here is a testimonial from the class:

“Just finished a great session of Yoga Core with Hiiro at Chopra Yoga. Getting to core has been a challenge for me, in terms of propreception and knowing how to draw on the muscles you need but Hiiro does such an easy to understand and accessible class that you cannot help but do it the right way. Patient, clear and precise. I’m hooked on his style and lessons and very grateful that I have met someone who really knows what they are talking about.”

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