Day 7 of the #namaste #yoga #challenge #commitment

WHO:  Jacqueline Willcocks
WHAT: Hatha
WHERE: @stretchvancouver
WHEN: Sun 9:30-10:45am

One takeaway:

I am becoming noticeably stronger in my practice with asana and core stability work due to this commitment and learning to surrender more to standing based work.

One admiration:

Jacqui Willcocks is a pure nurturing soul that weaves in mindfulness and energy based principals into alignment and structural form.  Her depth and thoughtfulness for the body and mind are reflected in the deep care she has for her students which includes spending 1/1 time pre and post class if needed.   A sweet and gentle spirit with copious offerings and nuggets to digest and leaving you awaiting her next word, pose, teaching.  Thank you for sharing your gift.

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