Day 5 of the #namaste #yoga #challenge and #commitment

WHO: Karoline Dania
WHAT: Noon Hour Energizer Flow
WHEN: Mon/Tue/Thu 12-1pm
WHERE: Stretch Vancouver

One Takeaway:

Karoline inspired me in a way I haven’t been by any other teacher,  infusing movement from dance and a feeling of freedom especially with asana that I rarely integrate in my teaching or practicing.  The hour felt like two at least and my heart was full like a buffet with succulent contentment.

One Admiration:

Heart based, unique and refreshing playful sequencing that kept me engaged to explore more layers beyond the surface.  Therapeutic awareness for restorative and invitation for self inquiry.  I was able to let go and be fully present with Karoline and definitely will return to her for more love and sincerity.   Thank you dearly Karoline Dania

What's Your Heart Feeling?

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