WHO: @Anna Zawada
WHERE: @yyoga Highgate Burnaby
WHEN: THU 12:15-1:15pm

One Takeaway:

I am starting to feel less resistant to practicing a hot yoga class, with the right connection to the teacher and when my body desires a set sequence (which is rare in the past, I always prefer spontaneity and unpredictability in someone’s offerings each class) it can be a reminder to slow down and let my brain know what’s coming next
….. which means more standing work (can you figure out by now I’m not a standing balancer fan despite the benefits? LOL!)

One admiration:

I honestly loved Anna the moment I saw her energy embrace the room, there was a powerful graciousness that washed over me and invoked courage and willingness to follow what she would offer.  The class was rewarding and I felt recognized and supported as Anna acknowledges her students and is hands on with the right amount for space and inward focus.  I walked away feeling bright and inspired and I am thrilled I was able to finally see her for myself.

I will be back Anna, someday 😆.  Thanks to the Highgate crew as well on all fronts for being awesome and welcoming.

*this was a sub class, Anna Zawada teaches flow and Power classes regularly

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