The last two days I had a single and yesterday a DOUBLE 3 1/2 hour float.

Holy SHIT is that a LONG TIME to be in the TANK!

Both FLOATS again I set the intentions to be silent and fall asleep to counteract me hyper-productive and proactive work I’ve been pouring my blood, sweat, tears and OMS into to get this all running in some fashion.


What does this mean?  Well I am STILL DOING MY OWN STUDIO hell yes I AM!

I will launch my first debut April 5th from noon-1:30pm and keep this as a WEEKLY DATE until I feel ready to expand and integrate more into the bigger vision I foresee for my home offerings in Yaletown.

The information is not published as of now and will be once I get it all up and edited for public exposure!

For now, please stay patient (I’m doing this solo on top of my personal/professional).

Anyways, the FLOATS are amazing as usual and I don’t have any breakthrough moments as of yet to #ChronicArchive !!!

I will  keep this one short and when another opening happens you will read a longer entry especially on the 31st as I have a TRIPLE FLOAT to wrap March up light and with my DAILY LIFESTYLE COMMITMENT BEGINNING APRIL 1st until I DIE!


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