In this interactive and open-dialogue focused session, learn the tools to create safer and more accepting classroom spaces for the male student.  This workshop is open to everyone, particularly those already teaching yoga classes.

Topics of Interest:

Highlighting similarities Men and Women share with discrimination.

– Overview Female empowerment movement and acknowledge how this can apply to teaching male students.

– Societal/Cultural dynamics relating to what/how MEN are expected to perform/achieve within their daily lives/relationships or careers.

– Social Media and Media overall, the pressures and unrealistic standards that Men are faced with just relating to Yoga/Movement and body image/appearance

▪  Men’s Sub Communities:

– Inclusivity of all kinds of Men

– Non-judgmental + gender-neutral language

– Particular focus on LGBTQI2A people

Trauma Sensitivity in Male students

– Holding space with conscious awareness

– Psyche/Ego of a potential Male student, effectively sustaining class space

– Establishing and meeting where any given student is at in that practice

Males in Yoga Practice:

– Mens modifications, language/queues

– Encouraging vulnerability/feeling

– Potential conflicts or scenarios in Men

– TOUCH and it’s importance/discipline

– Non-Verbal communication


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