Looking for Yoga/Pilates etc. @ a private party, community centre, small groups or as a service for employee’s working for your business? Regardless if it’s for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, conference, wedding, special events or something not listed above, Hiiro will accommodate to your situations needs. Anything is possible, never hesitate to inquire or request the unthinkable!

RATES for SERVICES:A LA CARTE Single Sessions for 1-2 People:

  • Yoga/Spin/Pilates = $125/hr (or less time) for 1 person. $150 per hour
  • for 2 people.
  • Bodywork = $100 per 60 minute session.
  • NADA Yoga / Sound Healing = $100 per 60 minute session, $125 for 2 people
  • Skype Video Sessions Available Upon Request
  • Pre-Paid Class Packs: 5 Classes ($475.00, Save $25) or 10 Classes ($925, Save $75)

    For all Semi-Privates (3-5) and Groups (6-10) and Corporate/Events/Misc.: Fill the Form


  • Experience your own private 1/1 session in a supportive, nurturing and attentive atmosphere. Whether it’s purely yoga you seek and in any style (Restorative, Yin, Hatha, Hatha-Flow, Vinyasa Flow & Power) or Pilates/Spin and/or targeting your areas of interest in the process, that’s why private’s are essential! Take your yoga practice to a different level of inner focus and establish a deeper awareness… perhaps finding your ‘True Identity!CLASS FORMATS FOR PRIVATE STUDENTS: (To be updated overtime, see current offerings)




Working on establishing your posture, alignment, breath, philosophy and form in your Asanas in order to have a sustainable daily practice free of pain, injury and unneeded accidents.

Self Mastery / Advanced Asanas:

Mastering Advanced Asana

Mastering Advanced Asana

This is your opportunity to target and emphasize on a anatomical area, asana category like inversion or backbends in a fully assisted and supportive format. Experiment and let yourself have the playground with no pain and all gain!



CoreRelations: Are you living with lower back issues and generally feel disconnected to your source of true power? Connect intimately with your core in every context through stability, strengthening and stretching. These sessions will infuse different modalities of active and therapeutic core exercises from Vijnana Tensegrity Series, Pilates, Anatomy Trains, Universal Principals of Alignment and Bandhas. These fusions of targeted deep core work will retrain the body to evolve and stay strong to keep you standing up tall and empowered to be alive!




All people dealing with former, current or preventative injuries will benefit from this 1/1 focus. Using all kinds of props and supports with proper alignment principals, you will learn to functionally support and establish tools/opportunities to refine, improve and advance your practice with mindfulness/awareness and compassion to your current state of Health and Being.

Meet you new BFFs - Props!

Meet you new BFFs – Props!

Mindfulness Meditation | Pranayama (Breath Awareness) |
Mantra (Chanting)

These are the more intricate and intimate limbs of the 8 limbs of yoga, it doesn’t involve movement or physical poses… it’s about harnessing and yoking your body/mind/heart/spirit (Yoga actually is Sanskrit for “Yoking or Harnessing to Centre”)

MEDITATION practices vary from their techniques and ways of body position (seated, laying down, guided, silent, walking, Metta ‘Loving’ intention based etc. (connecting to someone or somewhere you feel disconnected from). This can also include (but not limited to) Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep), Visualization (Tuning into the senses, thoughts, emotions, urges and judgement/holding patterns and rewiring their patterns and reactions) and Japa (repetition of a word, phrase, intention, thought, focus) with a Mala (rosary beads) to train the mind on the other 6/7th limbs of Dhyana and Dharana (Focus and Concentration)

Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama

Meditation, Mantra, Pranayama

MANTRA (Mind-Tools, Chanting) relates to the foundation of yoking the mind and body into one spiritual plane through discipline and devoting yourself to the goals or targets set upon starting that round of Mantra. The power of nonstop repeating syllables and varying with tone, pitch, volume, pacing, breath work and visualization, guided and unguided… the opportunities for self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment is profound and open-ended.

Have an open mind and try something NEW, you’re always welcome to chant anything you want (even profanity, ranting, purging, release and surrendering, crying, shouting) regardless if it’s yogic or spiritual, a different language or your favourite song/theme from a movie or TV show! The whole point is one directed focus for extended periods of time without distractions and getting diverted by external stimulus. Anything else is up to you and how you make it a personalized and self-sustaining outlet for cleansing and rebooting the nervous system and all other systems of your body/mind/heart/soul/spirit/consciousness.

PRANAYAMA (Breath Control/Focus) is the 4th limb of the Ashtanga (8 limbs) of yoga and follows the 3rd limb which is Asana! The Breath is the MOST important part of what distinguishes Yoga as a physical and spiritual practice/journey/lifestyle compared to a more physically hardcore medium like the Gym or Crossfit Training. The breath allows you to harness the body/mind connection which means the neutralize your Nervous Systems from constantly experiencing excessive adrenaline output in the Fight/Flight/Freeze/Submit responses which are almost always activated in our societies (even in a yoga class….. seriously!!!).

When you control your breath and allow it to still the heart/mind, the body can flow free-spiritedly with that ‘inner child’ feel of being on a Playground swinging from the Monkey bars and in complete silence without huffing, puffing and suffocating just to catch another breath. Different mindfulness tools will be offered in order to train your mind to handle intense asanas in a yoga class and remain calm, cool and collected in order to put those adrenaline charged endorphins to achieve your goals in asana progression and beyond. Pranayama is also crucial for MENTAL and EMOTIONAL HEALTH stability, helps with chronic anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADD, ADHD, OCD, Emotional Dysregulation, Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal Effectiveness i.e. Relationships (Maintaining your important bonds both personally and professionally), asking for what you want/need and Self-Mastery (Standing up for yourself).

YOGA THERAPY (Not the SAME as 1/1 Private Therapeutic Sessions)

What are the MAIN differences between a private 1/1 therapeutics class VS. a YOGA THERAPY series?

Yoga Therapy is exclusively for students either never practiced yoga before OR have practiced previously WHO HAVE suffered from a former ailment/injury and haven’t been able to return to a standardized public yoga class environment due to lack of supports/modifications/props for self-corrections.

In the very FIRST SESSION we will engage in the following exercises and ground works to set you up for the rest of your MINIMUM 3-Months journey:


– Understanding WHERE your coming from. Is it an Injury? WHAT happened? What is your current diagnosis and past medical history, HOW do YOU FEEL about ALL of it?

– What is your past or recent trauma?

– Are you seeing any Doctors, Natuopathic Doctors, or other Wellness/Health Practitioners, completing any personal self-care/healing modalities/outlets? If YES, what are YOU TELLING THEM?

– What is your daily ‘functional’ status? What CAN you do or CAN NOT DO?

– What is your Psychological status? Are you handling any Mental Health conditions pertaining but not limited to (PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, ADD, ADHD, OCD, etc.?) Assessing body language through our shared dialogue.

– This is the process of me (Hiiro) and you (client) establishing an intimate and professional relationship where I was your Teacher and Yoga Therapist will clarify WHO you are and the story behind it all. WHAT brought you to me in order to seek tools and resources for your own self-recovery and empowerment? Don’t hold back, it’s perfectly natural to be nervous or intimidated at first… I am here for you to let me be a soundboard and mirror in order to self-reflect and grow as a result… let go of your fear and self-judgmental patterns and therefore rewrite the way you see your body, mind, heart, soul and the perspective of the world and what you and it can offer to each other!


– We will do a walkabout where we will simply pace in my apartment and you will stop organically, I will observe where your alignment is naturally and assess the proper protocol in order to develop your own ‘Anatomical Neutral’ positioning. This is first done standing and reinforced on your back for total integration. Through us doing this right away from the start, we will develop a personalized and customized progression/action plan that is Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely ‘3 months minimum’ and Sustainable (S.M.A.R.T.S.)!


– Non-Weight Bearing and THEN move towards weight-bearing poses AFTER we have BUILT STRENGTH , trust and knowledge of your own unique and individual body!


– This process is not a matter of YES and NO, RIGHT and WRONG. We will be working with terms more open ended and based on personal self-introspective awareness to strengthen your own subtle, intuitive and personal relationship with your body/mind/heart. Think more if a pose or adjustment would be: “Same? Better? Worse? What can we try different?* An open-dialogue is crucial between me and YOU in order to stay efficient in time management and achieve our goals each session in a mutually consensual manner, ethic and aesthetic.

+ TIDY Therapy Pain Assessment (Please complete attached form for your client folder)

A 1/1 Therapeutics class private is for people with a steady practice and injury that is able to handle a standardized yoga class and the student is in the next stage of recovery and therapeutics is that bridging of the GAP between Yoga Therapy and more Foundational/Advanced 1/1 sessions or group classes. As your practice and body consciousness increases, we will progress to the point after 3 MONTHS minimum where you can see RESULTS IMMEDIATELY and begin 1/1 Privates with me for Foundation/Advanced/Therapeutics and further outlets of health/wellness and yoga.

Lastly, those seeking 1/1 private yoga also may need a customized and purely private guided method/approach but they are NOT suffering or living with physical injury, complication or ailments and therefore have the options of either still registering for Yoga Therapy AND/OR regular sessions on a case by case private basis… single sessions OR sessions packs/progressives.


– First step is a 10-15 minute phone call to see if I can be a right match for your requirements.

– Upon consent, we will meet for 1/2 Hour at TIDY STUDIO in Yaletown for a 2nd in-depth meeting to set goals. (A Contract will be signed for mutual consensus on an Action/Progression Plan + Start-End Dates.):

– Any other concerns or scenarios requiring further discussion/preparation will be addressed prior to sessions.



  • Let yourself be cared for by healing hands and focusing on your specific needs each session. Through working as a team, using the breath and open communication to establish a relationship with mind & body; This is an opportunity to completely surrender and let go of residual stress and tension. At the end of each session, you will leave feeling liberated and restored. Bodywork with Hiiro is a fusion of his Anma Massage training with therapeutic hands-on adjustments acquired from his yoga teacher trainings in anatomy and yoga therapy. Hiiro has immersed himself in Nada Yoga (Sound/Vibration Therapy) through studying with his primary teachers Mike Nichols and Joanne Livera for the past 3 years. He has started offering this art form through the usage of Crystal Quartz and Tibetan Brass Singing Bowls and each bowl usually is tuned to a note which relates to one of the Chakras or energy systems in the subtle body. Through different formats and kinds of bowls (Therapeutic bowls are placed directly on a persons body for ultimate vibratory absorption, other bowls are used for non-contact protocols) the receiver will feel serenaded by the power of this form of healing and art.

    Restorative Asana



  • Sessions take place in Hiiro’s home in Yaletown.
    – VALET service available for Downtown and Westside or EXTRA RATES for further.


    Accepting LIMITED clients for exchange of service or other consensual offering:

    – Are you short for $$$ BUT possess skill sets I lack in other departments?
    – Are you willing to work for me and offer your time and passion and TIDY UP my website?

    – TIDY PROJECT is going to require some help and I am seeking the right candidates to volunteer their services in EXCHANGE for MY TIDY UP PROGRAM without $$$ payment required!

    – A Personalized CONTRACT outlining absolutely everything that is expected of both parties will be designated. Any breaches or inabilities for the SEVA Mentee to uphold or perform the expected tasks/duties and jobs will be engaged in a discussion and review. Further protocol will unfortunately result in immediate cancelation of the exchange for TIDY UP Mentorship and will be required to reapply under the Financial options.


Meditation Sessions

Lotus Mudra in Lotus Pose

Lotus Mudra in Lotus Pose

NADA YOGA: What a Tibetan Brass Singing Bowl Looks Like!

NADA YOGA: What a Tibetan Brass Singing Bowl Looks Like!

1/1 Support and Assistance Into Advanced Asanas, No Injuries Needed!

1/1 Support and Assistance Into Advanced Asanas, No Injuries Needed!

Therapeutics and Bodywork Massage, Intuitive Healing!

Therapeutics and Bodywork Massage, Intuitive Healing!

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