Why did I decide to become a teacher?

It honestly was because I stopped my cardio once I found Yoga and after 5 years I realized my body needed to get back what it once had… the ability to run and walk fast, without losing my breath and feeling incapable of having optimal cardiovascular health. The other reason was to have an outlet to purge, cleanse and surrender all my deeper subconscious emotional energy that doesn’t serve me anymore.

I came to the bike not with a pleasure… it was very painful and challenging my first month of riding 2-3 times a week. However I noticed my mental health and emotional stability dramatically improve to the point where I had more energy and drive then ever before (even my yoga practices became a new experience!). I started really feeling the benefits when I had to run and catch my bus and with no effort being able to go a few minutes full effort without any repercussions.

The teaching side of it also inspires me as an outlet to get into a different part of my brain and therefore completely (like yoga teaching) focus completely on the present moment and group of students before me. I lose myself in the sheer joy of others experiencing their own P(RIDE) and that’s a powerful thing indeed.

P(RIDE) [Or PranaSpin, NamaSpin] is a play on words using my last name ‘Prince’ and the meaning and many symbolisms that the word ‘Pride’ can represent and stand for. It’s a way of living and an approach to take what you have experienced and turn it into wisdom and life lessons. The ability to embody our own potential and ‘true identity’ can come from the core of the Heart and ‘pride’ is one way I would describe my Heart – ‘proud!’.

It only makes sense then that when I share my indoor cycling or spin classes that I will always commit to a high energy and upbeat, challenging yet intuitive experience leaving you (the rider) liberated, cleansed and ready to embrace your true identity and P(RIDE)!

The letter P also is the first letter in several words that I plan to include in my style of Spin:

Pranayama (breath awareness and technique)

Pratyahara (sensory withdrawal, visualization, active meditations)

Precision (safe riding posture, connection to Self, clear direction and guidance)

Perseverance (motivation, coaching, support, (tough) love)
“Every Cycle can cause a Revolution” “Bow to your wheels, begin your journey”

Class Description:


I have been teaching Yoga/Pilates/Spin since 2013 and passionate about integrating these modalities through educating proper form/safety/alignment and pairing it with breath and mindfulness (Spirit/Mind/Body). I love teaching and coaching my riders with pride BOTH on/off the bike and authentically build relationships with them and cultivate an inclusive/holistic community. Come as you are and explore your True Identity, I accommodate all bodies, levels and injuries and ensure you’re empowered to establish your own discipline on the bike!

My classes are unconventional, intuitive and individual- every single time will be different whether it’s the drills, play list or theme of the ride.

My playlists range from high intensity bass bumping music combined with an eclectic mix of deep house, EDM, 90s, anthems, retro and even a touch of electro-swing, motown and J+K POP!

I bring a modern day inspired atmosphere/vibe while upholding authentic and traditional road cycling principals (NO upper body/tap back/hovering etc.) You’ll definitely be a fierce, fabulous, liberated hot-mess guaranteed, get ready to ride with PRIDE!


What's Your Heart Feeling?

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