Treat yourself with love everyday, I’ll admit this is a personal challenge of my own. Self love however is the key for giving love to others and the more we practice it, the more we can give and recieve love. I never try to portray myself on any platform… that never has been my way of living. Sure, perhaps it’s not super popular or inspiring in the traditional sense but it’s down to earth and real-talk. Humans are not mechanical, we are beating hearts with nonstop evolving cellular matrix, to be nurtured to the best of our capacity.
So remember that everyone you see around you, the way they portray them Self may not be the way their self may be and to always show compassion, inclusivity and light within your best ability. Social media has been a blessing and curse, we are able to paint an idea for someone like a reality show and yet we may be totally opposite outside the lens of a touch screen. Focus on being a 1:1 representation so you can be of best service to not only others, but truly to your very own being.
Let go of the bells and whistles, how many likes or follows you have because honestly 99% of people are not paying attention. Focus on what your voice can do to empower and change, inspire and shift. You may be able to have a dialogue through social media but are you equally able to have that IRL with the people that show up for you and support you unconditionally? Take these as simple observations to meditate with, I look forward to seeing your light on the mat or bike whenever I show up for the community and continuing this discussion longer term.

What's Your Heart Feeling?

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