There’s always a story for the path that we tread, it’s how we take the lessons and trials which depict the outcome.


I Completed ALL the goals I wrote out for 2017 and ready to set new and updated ones. I started setting goals when I was 15 years old in 10th grade and was recovering from dropping out, facing suicidal thoughts and really considering not being here. My brain never will take me down that black hole and then I had to accept the reality and make the best of it entirely.

Instead of being static and drawing my line at dropping out like I did every year prior after 1st term, I took control over my path and pursued to work for Lululemon as an Educator at several stores. What inspired the initiative was back in that time they had accessible portals with tools for goal setting, something I hadn’t viewed beyond a idealistic fantasy based surreality. Although I managed to have 2nd interviews and share my goals, they were not seen in the way I thought they would be and I continued integrating the tools verbatim for my own life.

The ability to analyze your own goals from the Personal, Career and Health pillars is very powerful and then breaking it down even more specifically into your own lifestyle. I always have a master document on my devices and write on my glass walls and mirrors what I’m working towards. The affirmations and reminders are there to keep me accountable and dialed into my own self worth and standards.

I always have things I am working on within myself and working towards in order to let the processes unfold. It means a ton when you write something down, say it out loud- to others and yourself, to your mentors or peers that are there to hold you accountable for the intentions. Without The latter I have a strong intuition to know that I would not be where I am now had it not been for the tools of goal setting and positive affirmations.
Through Yoga, mindfulness, health and wellness there has been the right balance and chemistry to provide me the platform and structures to let me evolve and shed the layers that I once wore so tightly. Everything that we desire from the heart IS ACHIEVABLE and the most crucial turning point is when YOU realize you CAN! Never let anybody tell you you CAN’T or are NOT.

What's Your Heart Feeling?

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