And we’re back with 31 new classes and teachers I will indulge in at YYOGA.  See below for times and days I intend to be present and join me for a breath along the way.

Last May I embarked on a personal 30 day Challenge simply called: Namaste. 
As teachers especially full time teaching anywhere from 15-20+ every week- which is now my normal, personal practices can be shifted even if still kept in tact.  I gained many benefits by taking NEW teachers classes who I have NOT previously taken a class from as this allows me to ‘educate and school’ myself as a pure student.
Yoga is all about willingness to recieve the offering and learnings regardless if they personally resonate within you or not, more about how you choose to interpret and integrate it for your own well being. 
Therefore I have made a commitment to myself for the month of September that I will go a 2nd round of NEW classes and teachers and mix in some of my personal favorites that I’ve not been back to for quite awhile.
I invite all my fellow YYOGA peers and community to join me for any classes below and to build a community of receptivity, support and sheer passion for learning and education to their self practice. 
These are a skeleton of intended days and times I plan to practice.  Each class I take I will write a little blurb featuring ONE Takeaway and Appreciation about that teacher as in this community there could always be more recognition and acknowledgement for our service as a teacher. 

♡ Highgate ♡

~ MON 1045am Pilates Hillary Keegan 

*Sep 5th 915am Flow Chloe Srinaganand

~ TUE 915am Flow with Melissa Chew 1045am with Chris Christopher Manansala and 1215pm Ysculpt with Adriana DeFazio

~ WED 1045am Pilates with Jennifer Hart and 1215pm YHOT with Hillary Keegan

~ THU 630pm Core with Meltem Oner-Legros and 745pm Yin with Sandy Riddhi Wu

♡ Park Royal ♡

~ MON 10AM Power with Crystal Rainbow Borrelli and 645pm Flow with Dolly Brar

~ TUE 1215pm Power with Alex Atherton+ 430pm Power with Andrea Baker

~ THU 430/545pm Power and YHOT with Crystal Borrelli 

~ FRI 530pm  Gentle Hatha with Sylvia Del Valle Garcia 

~ SUN 12pm Flow with Brittany Sharpe

♡ West Sixth ♡

~ MON-THU 12pm Hatha and Yin/Meditation with  Sandra Stephanson/Farzana Jaffer Jeraj

~ MON/WED 6pm Flow with Rachel Scott

♡ Yaletown♡

~ WED 1215pm YHOT with Amy Amy Chicoyne Molema

~ FRI 4pm Flow with Jodie Berkhout/430pm YHOT with Donovan Patrick Mahoney

♡ South Granville ♡

~ TUE/THU 630pm YRIDE with  Emily Gonzales and Brianne Elizabeth Townsend

♡ Kitsilano ♡

~ MON/WED 515pm YHOT with Bailey Podzun

~ WED/THU 930am Hatha with Emily Millen/Andrea Spiegel

~ SAT 8pm Warm Yin with Sarah Trivett 

♡ Downtown Flow ♡

~ TUE/THU 630AM YRide with Shawnessy Luke

~ FRI 10am/430pm Power with Kelly Colleen/Kate Gillespie

~ SUN 430pm Power with Kristen Wicklund. 


Taking styles that you rarely or never attend and teachers who express their own natural love through practice is really profound and I highly encourage those interested to explore!

My schedule will depend on my own teaching schedule and subs however I will do my due diligence to attend the above classes over September and October. 

 I nominate you to also COPY and SHARE the challenge and add your own lists!


Hiiro Zaké-Sigal Prince

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