WHO: Chloe Labelle Luce
WHAT: Flow
WHERE: @yyoga Park Royal (sub)
WHEN: 4:15-5:15PM

*Chloe is someone I always wanted to experience and finally on her visit home from Europe I got the privilege, she was subbing for the equally amazing @crystalrainbowjennings

One Takeaway:

It was a huge delight to have her open the class about the yoga sutras and offer some mantra and weave it into the asana practice – I got to work on my inversions and also shared the space beside my bud @kpow_pow and @finaldi.yoga and I left feeling rooted, spiritual, and introspective.

One admiration:

Chloe really believes in the breadth that this in depth practice can instill to others.  Making it not only open to new students, she offered bits and bobs of clarity and perspective that helped me tap into beyond my asana (something I strive to always be practicing daily.)  She has a heart of gold and I wish I had more chances to be in the seat of a student of her.  I’m just glad I was able to see and feel her presence for myself after 4 years of hearing everyone’s admiration and respect for her and her teachings.

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