WHO: Kat Wong
WHERE: @yyoga Northshore
WHEN: Saturdays 12-1pm

One takeaway:

Though my body doesn’t serve well in a 40 degree room, that class was AMAZING beyond words from the progression of my tolerance and discipline for the heat as well as being able to share it with other people.  We were all in it together which supported me to stay present and mindful despite my strong desire to dissociate LOL….

One admiration:

Kat Wong I got to to tell you all- what a G I F T that woman is, her compassion and empathy that radiates from her is as clear as a diamond.  Her tone of voice felt like a serene and nurturing aura that led me through the class right to Savasana.   There were beautiful variations that challenged me to the core and I also had some hands on adjustments that rocked my practice.  If I need a hot class I would be thrilled to take Kat again.  BRAVOm

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