Day 4

WHO: Boyd Thomson
WHAT: Hatha 
WHERE: Stretch Vancouver
WHEN: Tue/Thu 10am

One Takeaway:
I again am realizing how much instability I have in my standing ‪#‎posture‬ when Boyd asked how everyone felt about exploring them… I thought to myself, okay Hiiro you’ve got this… go inward and keep pushing your boundaries and edges…. it reminds me to practice ‪#‎Ahimsa‬ and embrace where I’m at without judgment or expectations of my body.

One Admiration:
Boyd has a soft calm friendly presence providing a peaceful and light hearted exploration of the body and mind. Loved the humour and true state of contentment that embraced the offerings of his class and it was accessible for all students as well. Beginner students would benefit and learn a lot of foundations in this class, thank you again Boyd!

What's Your Heart Feeling?

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