Starting May 11th, I am starting what I will call “Namaste” – I WILL take 1 yoga class from all the teachers I have NOT previously experienced so far. I have a list of now 35+ teachers across the board and will share little anecdotes and photos on my wall and Instagram handle.
I think it’s safe to say that many of us start out yoga asana classes without any sense of what style or teacher to invest our trust in- it was hard for me at least until I found those people I resonated with. However when they moved on or changed schedules it forced me to connect with other people that ended up helping to evolve and expand my awareness of what “Yoga” meant to me.

There is something potentially enlightening to be learnt by being in the presence of a brand new perspective of a teacher… if we allow our practice to be observed and moved by new eyes/ears they may tell us things we never would have known if we just went to our ‘primary teachers.’ People would ask me when i was still a 18 year old why i was doing X amount of classes a day or week like if I was bored or addicted and using it as a coping method…

– my answer to these questions were:
“When I take yoga classes, be it asana or beyond it into the 8 limbs etc… going to yoga classes for me is MY SCHOOL, school of observing mind/body/heart and energy awareness and integrating these off the mat to live a productive and meaningful life through High School and beyond.” – This is also why I teach, it’s school for life and never finished as a process and adventure to your own clarity and finding others along the experiences.

I will be commuting from downtown to Burnaby, Richmond, West Van alongside the Downtown and Westside and through 5+ studios too – I have no idea how this will all play out, bottom line I am excited to meet new teachers or actually take their classes after having a personal relationship or connection with them (some since my beginning from 2010.)
START YOUR OWN “Namaste” challenge, TAG, SHARE, Join me in this experiment and let’s all BUILD and SUPPORT this community of fantastic NEW/Verteran teachers and their plethora of approaches and perspectives to what “Yoga” is, from Asana and beyond!
Again, each day on FB you will see me POST which teachers I am going to take and you can come with me if your interested!

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