Last nights walk and horizon from between Main and Cambie on 6th St.


Post teaching in North Vancouver at the bus stop. Sample John Fluevog Chelsea Boots Happy Socks Lululemon HomeStar Runner Pant Samples from the LAB in 2011.


I take pride in my fashion, image, style and wardrobe and have been #StylingLikeAHiiro and #DressingLikeAPrince Since 2004! ALIFE NYC Boots ACNE Pants EVER Shirt MY: Mens Yoga White Hoodie.


I saw Joan Rivers last #FriGay ❤

Last week I took a hiatus from a daily or bi-daily studio practice at my 4-5 regular communities as a way to self reflect and meditate/float/journal/teach.

In my 4 1/2 years of daily consistent asana and other limbed practices I can say I’m now at a point where the Asana does not ‘consume’ or ‘possess’ me.

It’s a tool of many in my shed and knowing when and how and why it’s serving a purpose is the pure ‘potency’ for self-liberation.

Being able to take a step back and decompress, to allow permission to walk for four hours through many diverse Vancouver neighborhoods and see the nature/animals/weather patterns/my dearest friends… –

and family/eat and drink delicious foods both home cooked or at restaurants/actually sleeping in and choosing what I need to feel fulfilled…

The Spring is a time for awakening and also to unfold from Hibernation- a recalibration of who/what/where you are and why/how/when you’re doing it.

I like to think of it as #DancingWithDharma and #TappingIntoTapas – the purpose and discipline and also #StudyingSvadhyaya (Self-Inquiry and investigation).

These are some themes and concepts for my classes coming in the next Month of May and I would love to welcome you to your practice of the above or anything resonant with your soul.

#OHM #OnHiirosMind

#Yama #Niyama #Yoga

Hiiro Zakè-Sigal Prince


SATURDAY’s I host my True Identity Project Yoga Home Sessions! Come check it out and email or text me to RSVP.




Each day the Banana Leaf offers a 2 for 1 special and you take the other one home. Sunday was pineapple seafood rice with raisins, sunflowers and in a real pineapple. I adore my coconut and meat-free Laksa as well with rice vermicelli!


Upstairs view from Banana Leaf on Robson


One of my most FAVOURITE Vegan Salads and at only $10-12 it’s a daily delight. Serial Salad from Foundation on Main and 7th. Seeds, Fruit, Lime and Mango Dressing, Spinach



Near the Old Organic Lives warehouse.

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