Have you had any natural ‘disasters?’ In yoga we do tend to fall out of practice or test the waters of our fluidity movement, our foundations can crack like the earth would quake!

The inferno of volcanic eruptions and our Tapas? Emotions of fear, anger, sadness, guilt or shame and all the other related senses that come with those core emotions!

Allow for yourself on and off the mat with and without borders to understand … – were human beings with simply a perspective and perception no matter how justified we may be in fact and reality.

Once all the barriers or patterns of thinking an behavior is decoded- all we have left is our fascia and skeleton- — what else is there to show then that?

Heart? Mind? Body? Soul? Spirit? Consciousness? Reality? Sexuality? Gender? Race? Religion?

Does any really make sense once the natural ‘disasters’ occur?

Does it reflect in asana as a specific pose, asana category, lineage or structure?

Comment and share your opinions (respectfully) ;).

Happy #FriGay and #NamasGay #YOMIES –

Xoxox #TIDYPROJECT #YoursQueerly

For now as long as I’m influenced I’m theming around elements, the Earth, life overall in its pure contrasts of beauty and pain and in between. Inversions, arm balances, twists, FF, BB, Standing, Hip Opening, it’s ALL on the list in both Subtle Bodies and Fascial Lines.


What's Your Heart Feeling?

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