“As long as you learn from them your mistakes, realizing you may make the same ones again unknowingly as they manipulate themselves as new anonymous replicas… Learn to NEVER make the SAME ONES AGAIN; then screw up, try new things, assess and let go with humility, self acceptance and honour the process involved toward your own pure potential. Resilience, perseverance, ambitions, determination and purpose with the right intentions will lead you to where you’re meant to truly be.

Sometimes you just truly never know what you may be doing until it’s brought to conscious awareness.  It’s then when you shift in ways that may be so subtle that the MOST discreet adaptation creates the this universal IMPACT on yourself, how other’s perceive you and then you can breathe a sigh of relief and purge out the residue that you realized was there… but now unnecessary to be bound to.  Growth is not meant to be simplistic nor a even playing field.  You need to have your chess board fully equipped and operable so your knights, queens, kings, rooks, pawns and bishops can take their territory and man all sides of your ever so supple yet strong and  penetrable forcefield/safeguard ” – Hiiro Zaké-Sigal Prince.

Monday, April 21st, 2014.


A conversation I had within myself and a quote and anecdote that arose from this conversation with myself.

A week of letting go and shedding tears with pride, joy, sadness, grief and a heavy dosage of #Ahimsa (not without major discipline otherwise I would be beating myself up for the past week) and loving kindness and self-respect.

Now I’m ready to shine a similar yet different Rainbow with silver linings all throughout.

What's Your Heart Feeling?

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