A big shout out to my ‪#‎SuperHiiro‬ Jasmina Egeler who has seen my ‪#‎TrueIdentity‬ since day 1 and supporting me in my growth as a vinyasa yoga teacher. She has the Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent ‪#‎ShitRuPaulSays‬ that I aspire to inhabit through my own energy and asanas.

One of the biggest observations I had in myself in these classes seamlessly (after years of anxiety and stress) provided solid and confident HANDS ON ASSISTS for two people into HEAD STAND and HAND STAND Variations!

The sheer and profound looks of empowerment and relief in their eyes and bodies, their hearts immediately lifted… it brought TEARS TO MY EYES. Being able to help students believe in their own true identity and asana practices …. – This again reminded me that this is my life path and career for the rest of my manhood.

It really does ‪#‎GetBetter‬ – Put the time in, work hard and take the mentoring and insights from peers and elders and you will succeed eventually. Today I consider this one of those moments and will enjoy it with as little non-attachment as I can.

Thank you for providing me the TWO back to back ‪#‎POWER‬ classes @YMCA Robert Lee as I led the students through challenging arm balances and inversions and worked into all realms of the body through stability and integrity. ‪#‎StraightUpAsana‬ is a powerful offering where ‪#‎LESS‬ IS ‪#‎MORE‬ .

I’ve been growing quickly as a teacher and feeling it all integrate like flashes of white light I see the so called rainbow beaming from the prism of my heart.

‪#‎NamasGay‬ and ‪#‎YoursQueerly‬ from:

Your little brother Hiiro!


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