‪#‎StraightUpAsana‬ – wait… or not so ‘Straight?’

As I begin my mentorship of observation with Christine Price Clark I can’t believe it has been 3 months from graduating my ‪#‎RYT500‬ Vancouver School of Yoga and now it’s all beginning to click and feel tangible within my awareness  ! With a bow to you my Goddess and the practice you led this morning, thank you beyond words.

Yoga can be many things – right now I’m noticing both in practice and teaching that it’s like a ‘mechanical bull’ – perhaps like at the Bourbon (no I’ve never been…  ) – But the sense that you shift and move around, fall off time to time and it’s always ready for you to hop back on and beat your previous time held!

With this said, here’s some thematics for this weekend.

New focuses for now on, move and breathe in silence with just enough guidance and leadership so you can do all the rest by yourself.

Let us move and ‪#‎Blend‬ through ‪#‎Vinyasa‬‪#‎Stabilize‬ in Hatha, ‪#‎Connect‬in ‪#‎Yin‬ and ‪#‎Neutralize‬ in ‪#‎Restorative‬

Classes this weekend:

Tomorrow: @Bloom / YY NSE
9:15-10:30am vinyasa
10:45am-Noon Hatha

YY: 6-7:15pm Yin

Saturday: YMCA

– 9:45-11am, 11:15-12:30pm
POWER Double

– 10:30-11:30am YoGuy 
– 2-3:30pm Restore YY NSE

Come play, less is more . Straight up Asana.

What's Your Heart Feeling?

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