I feel I’m going through daily #GrowthSpurts – Learning tons about myself, what to ‘do’ and ‘not to do’ in order to control operation #NoBurnOut, managing invoices and ADMIN (spreadsheets and documents), slowly yet surely opening my apartment for small scale intimate yoga classes, workshops and other TBA offerings… maintaining healthy relationships AND boundaries in both professional and personal…

Giving and receiving effective feedback from peers, mentors, elders and also those with fresher eyes then my own even… self-care regimes including PROPER REGULAR sleeping patterns (used to be PERFECT and CONSISTENT with this!), thankfully food, water and exercise is under control which is easy to not be…

Being your own business is definitely where I am MEANT TO BE, I really love this metaphor or analogy my Father shared with me recently:

“Hiiro, you said NO to enrol at Parsons New School for Design in their 4 year BFA Undergrad in Photography… so with the time between 18-22, make USE of that 4 years and treat it in equality toward your career path and education outlets.”

Well Dad, the first 2 years I worked in the fields of health, yoga and wellness- immersed myself in those fully as well as fashion and retail. I managed to establish a foundation both socially and professionally… and I can proudly say my goal I set in 2010 of adopting a custom family and community has become a reality, I truly feel like i have an anchor in this hometown and able to give back the way you do for me selflessly always daily.

The last 2 years have been about obtaining several teacher training certifications including my 200 and 300 hours, plus the CE in the electives I love and hold dear to my offerings of Yoga, Mediation, Healing etc.

Having NO formal degrees from a standardized educational institution like college or university… YOGA TT and CE + Mentorships, daily practices at home + studios ARE MY SCHOOL for “Self” and “Universe!”

Every day I am excited to go and get on my mat, be it staying inside or very much going beyond the 4 corners. The fact that I’m passionate to release and stretch and breathe into my body and mind, heart and soul is liberating. I never feel bored or uninspired by Yoga. It’s the daily life presented in its unsheathed vulnerability for you as the Creator to manifest change, release and acceptance.

As I continue to surrender my Ego to the universe, accept that I know very little despite my lived wisdom, I know that there’s never ending wisdom and further education to acquire both personally and professionally.

March was a whirlwind of successes and tough love from my own self-analysis and therefore deep stillness. My voice was fast and choppy, footsteps tripping over another just to stay stacked bone over bone, occasionally innocently forgetting I booked a Chiro or Wellness Appt. and having to eat humble pie and simplify my scheduling routines.

It’s real important to be busy, however in a way that’s manageable and thoroughly planned in order for things to flow and not conflict amongst one another.

I am a fast learner and April is about being equally busy HOWEVER in a streamlined and structured manner in order to not conflict or take on “Too much”.

It’s not always easy being someone who wants to be the best he can be in everything he does, with clarity/passion/willingness to grow and do anything to become a more efficient and authentic human / teacher of yoga and life.

Thank you to everyone who did, who is currently, and perhaps those who are holding space for me to grow and make mistakes, ‘fuck’ up and perhaps unintentionally have to encounter those problem solving and conflict resolutions so I LEARN BOUNDARIES and LIMITS!

It’s easy to get caught up in opportunity and linking this with financial stability or simply being busy busy and specifically with the thing you LOVE, ADORE and just want to ooze into any crack or divot of a sidewalk or sewer drain (Those dark spaces represent for me the stillness / pit stops to break and breathe deep to recalibrate… kind of like why I #FLOAT to forget my #LIFE. #FLOATING is #ONE of the #FEW #Activities I am able to #SURRENDER to #REALITY and the #PRESENT !

Anyways, It’s late and I had no clue I was going to write this tonight but here it is, I am sharing it candid and unedited, raw and exposed in #TrueIdentityStyle and now I must vegetate fabulously with #RuPaulsDragRace and then #Sleep for a solid NINE HOURS ❤ #LittlePleasures #BigRewards.

Xoxox, #NamasGay and #YoursQueerly


@Hiiro Zake-Sigal Prince

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