Again I don’t have a ton to share for today’s FLOAT, but it was beautiful as always and I am starting to get my friends and other yogis into the tanks for their first times.  THEY LOVE IT and you can soon see their written reviews ON THE FLOAT HOUSE FACEBOOK PAGE!


Now you can book with your phone anytime and anywhere, especially if you want to MEET ME for a energetic fusion.

The water was very toasty which softened my nerves and allowed me to be fully at rest.  The heating pads in the new tanks I find are superior to the original tanks but it could just be me!

It was a beautiful time to FLOAT before stepping literally out the door onto the 210 Nvan bus to teach at YYoga NSE at 9pm.  I adored the transition and it helped me get grounded and centred to share the space with everyone that lit up the room with their laughs, self-love and awareness!

Stoked to continue and finish MARCH strong.  

Again, Please refer to my previous post(s) for my APRIL and MAY FLOAT schedules!

Until more unfolding happens…

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