I am not FLOATING the next 3 days and will be making up these days by a TRIPLE FLOAT SESSION on MARCH 31st! I wanted to end the experience of March with a radical experiment as the 90 minute sessions now feel like they aren’t long enough for me to truly feel I had that ‘complete’ experience.

The FLOAT yesterday was quite intense and not very calming, quite sympathetic in nature as far as the nervous system and I truly felt surged with creative consciousness. There wasn’t a lot of time for me to shut my brain off as I kept following the urge to get out of the tank and scribe my lucid thought pattens on paper.

Today on the polar opposite end of the spectrum left me KNOCKED OUT and didn’t blink an eye. The music played and I had no idea that it was already time to get out of the tank and on with the rest of my day. I’m curious about HOW my body and mind will operate without the floating now being integrated as a daily state of activity… definitely will maintain my yoga and perhaps make that time even 30 minutes to instead do a seated meditation half-way through the day.

Nothing much else to report as I journal a lot in the other entries… I can indefinitely proclaim that I am NOT STOPPING A DAILY FLOAT PRACTICE given the amount of productivity and vitality, eternal radiance, samadhi/bliss it has unveiled.

Stay posted for when I return to my daily sessions on the 21st and in the next few days I will turn my posting attention to a few other #Hereditorials or #BlogHeadlines that I’ve been drafting for all of you the past week!

Thanks for the patience and support in my endeavours and I hope it’s simply contributing to your own health, wellness and furthering the guidance of you to your own #TrueIDENTITY =D.

Hiiro Prince.

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