The second almost all nighter occurred everyone, yes I stayed u until 5:30 wide awake and worked on the website to almost near perfection but it still has some developments to get it to where I see it and then adding other layers once the skeleton is on the form.

The tank is a beautiful space where I have been able to truly immerse myself into the depths that I never thought I was going to be able to return too at this point of my life. We’re talking infantile psyche all the way to where i am this moment typing in the fingers to the keys of the keyboard!

I floated on the 11th at 4pm and the 12th at 10pm and the 13th at 5pm. All three FLOATS were amazing as per usual and I began to notice a pattern between the internal temperature of the water in the tank and my own body temperature and ho w they either harmonize or contrast with my ability to shut off my mind OR activate it more in a sympathetic mode. As I teach all styles of yoga and with Yin and Restorative being more on the Natural Relaxation Response + Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS for short and I LAUGH OUT LOUD every single time I abbreviate that one… too immature? heheh 😉 )I only wonder how to always sustain that state whilst in a cooler temp. tank session.

It’s hard to recall what happened on the 11th but if you are following me on all platforms then you are aware of what’s up. I’m still teaching average of 1-3 yoga classes and taking 1-2 a day plus daily floating which gives me so much morale and energy that it feeds my soul to the point of nonstop nourishment (like a harry potter magic sandwich tray that never stops offering food!)

Because it is almost 3AM and I am heading to take the wonderful Cindy Stockdale’s Power Class at YYoga Northshore Elements I will leave you with a email i wrote myself about my yoga teachings approach as well as the concepts for the tanks I want to try in the future and beyond.

My uncensored Yoga Bio and approach to how I treat my students and my overall teaching methodology:

“My students are like family to me regardless it’s their first or hundredth time. I take the best care possible for them and display this by offering an open-dialogue ‘democratic’ teaching approach where they get their needs met and truly genuinely listened too. Each time I lead a class it’s like I am hosting a family reunion with an all you can eat buffet that has no time limit for us to finish until we must. I also display my care and sincerity in getting to know each and every new/returning student. I will always look at you face to face, smile and inquire of any injuries, scenarios and whether you would prefer hands-on adjustments or not. I teach to what I observe in my students which means depending on the collective level of studentship my amount of instructions done either verbally, visually or kinesthetically will morph to each individual class! I am a whole hearted person and I don’t divide myself in any way from who I am as a yoga teacher… –

Yoga (like a camera) is a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary ‘platform’ in which it is so raw/organic and personalized that every single class or practice is one of a kind, never repeated fully. My dialogue and personalized way of sharing music and story telling through asanas, mantra. Pranayama and all the 8 limbs is a pure testament and humble Honouring to the life I’ve led this far and it’s as simple and equally layered like a heaven-high skyscraper cake.

Aside the 10 years of self-care and weight loss, diet and nutrition planning, fashion and style and arts, Yoga is THE ONLY consistent pillar of purpose, passion, activity, lifestyle and medium I have been able to commit to and now evolve it into much more then a hobby or 60 minute stretch/release. It’s constantly a different experience each day on or off the mat and this kept me hooked as I never was able to predict or feel secure in my own certainties. I am highly immersed within the approach of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy which is a form of Mindfulness and Awareness training. This started around the same time I first began a steady Yoga Practice and together the two of them with some medication helped stabilize me for the long run.

This Yoga is a purging of my former demons of sheer trauma and black holes within my vital organs including my brain ranging from being severely alienated and sheltered as a necessity, being speech impaired until 5, living with MAJOR VISUAL SPATIAL AWARENESS issues ‘This forever affected my performance of asanas and crazy angles or mirroring in yoga practices and teaching’ The other scenarios that were dealt to me like grief and loss of my brother Zach and Holocaust Child Survivor Grandmother Ruth Sigal. With enough accumulated PTSD and clinical depression and anxiety, mood disorders and feeling there was no end to this putrid, vile, lifeless perception of reality I was consumed by…… –

The Tejasè (illumination) and Samadhi (Bliss / Enlightenment) that has occurred for me in limitless ways is a pure living proof that this Yoga we call a western chill workout- it’s a life changing philosophical lifestyle and method of STATE of BEINGness in which provides the universe the constant revolutionary pure potentiality for the true “Atlantis/Heaven/Æther”. The asanas and their other 7 limbs on both ends are the full spectrum as well as your life being NO DIVISON between you and a small rubber perimeter of a yoga mat. I can’t relate to the individuals who treat teaching yoga like it’s a daily job and just walk in the door, teach a repetitive script or the 20th time reading a class plan and take NO TIME IN PERSONAL investment with students.

For example depending where I am teaching and how many people are in my classes I will make sure EVERYONE is GREETED with a hand shake and if appropriate (returning student or friend) give a warm welcoming hug as if they were coming into my home cottage for a long table dinner and had flown in from across the world and just for my hour long class. Yoga is a minimum 8 course meal regardless how long your class is… you have the introduction appetizer of your opening and dialogue or theme, you proceed with the courses and blessings of grace and shabbat which is mantra and pranayama…. followed by the main course served with a side of kick ass asanas or slow subtle loving yin/restorative shapes, winding down to desserts for the floor work cool down and unwinding into savasana for liberation and rebirth. The extra fixings are the hands on, sound healing, adjustments, OPEN DIALOGUE for asking questions and self inquiry in order to allow it be more inclusive and real for the entire learning and support of the community of the yoga classes I lead.

I will provoke my students lovingly with questions asking them how they are really and truthfully doing inside and out… even if they don’t reply, their minds are stimulated to think about why I asked such a question especially if they are a anonymous and shy natured person. Coming from a petrified and almost sometimes awfully dissociated mentality I now work the polar opposite side of my brain in order to rewrite the neuroplasticity of my psychological processes and therefore apply these tools and skills or resources for them to choose whether it serves them or not. I don’t just bark out steps and instructions, I give my entire HEART to each and every class and am my students BEST FRIEND and CHEERLEADER IF they WANT ME TO BE THAT FOR THEM THAT IS. Those who aren’t on the same wavelength are also very vital as they balance the rest out and remind me sweetly how far I have been able to evolve within my own security inside and out about my self-image, self-expression of outer and inner voice or wardrobe attire. They are the reason I teach about Yoga, life, self-esteem, self-empowerment, self-care, simply anything to do with ‘your’ ‘Self’

I will leave this post with a metaphor I crafted earlier tonight and then I need to enjoy a nice rest.

How to make a temporal cascading tsunami ripple effect for universal change?:

“Find what you love. Dive deeply into the depths of it, only come up for breath when needed. Your Atlantis is your True Identity”

NAmasGay and Yours Queerly,

The Real YoGay of Vancouver. Floating Yogi Fashionisto Gamer Nerdola and Blogging Fiend!

Hiiro Zake-Sigal Prince.


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