Last 3 Float Times: March 8th at 10pm – March 9th at 8am and March 10th at 2pm


Okay everyone, I knew when I said I was going to legitimately begin this floatAthon that I was going to experience dramatic shifting in my body, mind, soul, spirit, consciousness and everything in between. You have read up to this point hopefully which means you know how each Float I have made some purely life altering epiphanies and revelations.

Well I was nervous to try my first LATE NIGHT FLOAT at 10PM after floating no later then 5PM in previous escapes from the light. I really needed the 10PM one as I wanted to experiment these 31 days at different times, energies, states of body and mind, before or after a yoga practice, how much stress I had endured by walking or carrying my big bag on my shoulders…. even on a full versus empty fasted stomach. I have tried doing active Floating where I speak aloud to myself through various forms of verbal context. Sometimes I shouted to the top of my lungs through OMING, Kirtan Mantra Chanting, Having Conversations with my Brother or other people no longer part of my present life I want to be with… as well as SILENT pure intention to not move a single muscle.

The 10pm FLOAT left me completely wired and also in a lucid state of productivity. That entire day I had practiced TWO yoga classes and had a deep tissue Massage by GLEN KUKKEE at YYOGA DOWNTOWN FLOW (Please stay tuned for an in depth review of my wellness session with this talented 16-year experienced man + all my other Wellness “SuperHiiros!” under my “Big H: Health” Hereditorials! On top of the massage I also experienced a 2 hour KIRTAN circle with some friends which was very therapeutic and brought my SINGING VOICE OUT! For some reason I have so far only been able to find my true voice by CHANTING and after this circle I began singing to myself and noticed a huge clearing of my Visshuda (THROAT) Chakra… I am now practicing in the shower, at home, in the FLOAT TANK and everywhere else in order to build my own self-esteem as I still find singing a self-conscious public expression unless chanting. More on Chanting and my upcoming specialized TIDY KIRTAN ahead.

Once I came in for the FLOAT at 10pm, after that long day out and about I wasn’t sure how it would all result to my post Float state. Well I was really refreshed as it was like between ALL the above self-care and releases I had SLEPT THE WHOLE DAY even while CONSCIOUSLY AWAKE! I felt like I was in the movie A Waking Life (2001) where it was all based on lucid dreaming and existentialism. I stayed after my FLOAT to enjoy some incredible discussions with my fellow co-worker Brad Morris and some other fellow FLOATERS including a Yoga Teacher by the name of Jeff Grace. After finishing my socializing I needed to get home ASAP… I knew I was going to encounter some shifting in my energy one way or another.

When I arrived home I made some dinner and immediately opened my Laptop to begin writing like a fiend on my Website. I spent a couple hours writing class descriptions for the TIDY STUDIO which I am launching this APRIL with the FIRST COMMUNITY YOGA CLASS on APRIL 5th! A Facebook Event RSVP will be created for those to pre-register as I don’t have room for EVERYONE especially those wishing to enjoy a practice by you know whom =D!

It was also DAY LIGHT SAVINGS and when I was awake at 2am it went to 3am… I had this feeling knowing how eager and productive and OCD I can be, I would be staying up the entire evening. I didn’t even look at the clock more then a few times… however each time I looked up… I kept seeing the time drift by until it became 6AM, 7AM… 7:30AM… –

For the FIRST time since my MID TEENS I ended up staying awake the WHOLE NIGHT and was FULLY REPLENISHED AND FULL MORALE THE WHOLE WAY. I knew that there was no way this was NOT solely my own being… that Float Tank did something to release my ADRENAL DEFICIENCY that I suffered from in January 2013 when I had to suddenly transition out of position at YYoga Front Desk in order to not collapse and be put in the Hospital. That feeling of burnout was seriously EXTINCT from every inch of my kidneys and my adrenal glans were like the niagara falls. They were beating so unrestrictedly I was able to allow my lungs and heart to expand out of my ribcage’s perimeters and paint TIDY PROJECT with the sheer passion and enthusiasm you are reading this very second as my fingers jump ecstatically letter key to letter key.

But…. Fuck it was the next day and I had to TEACH 3 CLASSES and FLOAT right away at 8AM. I’m not going to lie that I was curious to see if i would just end up collapsing during teaching and need to be taken to a hospital with an IV Drip of my favourite cold-pressed Beet Juice to get my Kidneys infused with Nectar. Thankfully this was not the case… in fact it was the POLAR OPPOSITE!

I taught my first class in the morning 10:30-12:15pm at YoGuy Men’s Yoga at TreLoar Physio Clinic and offered a very HANDS ON Classical Restorative to 14 MEN. This felt profound as I helped facilitate these students to curl into a fetal position as I placed my arms around their knees and upper back to help round them into a deep hug or provide head and neck release therapy techniques for their own benefits. The hope I have for shifting everyone into loving the practice of yoga whatever the style… particularly referring to either therapeutic or classical restorative… it was reinforced in this class and I’m honoured to have this as my SET weekly class every morning at 10:30am (Men Assemble!)

I had the help of YoGuy Owner Stace Reeves to drive me to and from everywhere as he was needing to be in the areas I was in, as he joined me as well for the AM and then for my 2pm Restorative at YYOGA Northshore Elements. I told myself that if I had taught my first CORE CLASS this past week at YMCA and also Hatha/Vinyasa classes steadily the past few weeks with pure success and high feedback results, I was ready to attempt my FIRST purely THERAPEUTICS Restorative style class and honour the lineage I had passed down to me from Chris Manansala and infuse it with my own True Identity Therapeutic Restorative Yoga I’ve been teaching since day 1.

Well not only did I have some regulars of mine who actually CAME out for my class specifically, I also had some friends come and surprise me which was the most selfless thing I could have been offered to experiment offering this version of the practice with. I used all the props I had at disposal including dowelings and straps and targeted almost every body part or muscle group. I worked with all formations and planes as I infused the active releases of “Active, Focused and Passive” Practices and the feedback I received could not have been more reaffirming… that I WAS ON THE PATH to meeting my goals and even surpassing them leaps and bounds. I know I am going to be a Full Time Yoga Teacher with an insatiable addiction to practicing, teaching, nonstop training programs and eventually leading my own renditions of CE/TT and more… – Don’t forget my FloatAddiction and Fashion and Styleholicism as well!

After the class ended I made my way back to my ROOTS at KARMA TEACHERS in DTES for their YOGATHON which was hosted purely by the 1st graduates of their 200hr Teacher’s College. They offer full and partial scholarships and you can register for the program through their website and Facebook page! I enjoyed two classes by two new teachers and literally had my mind blown away!

The first class was led by gorgeous woman named Nargis Dhirani as she led a 30 minute vinyasa practice based on the Root Chakra and man we definitely twerked our Muladhara’s up in that house! I also want to give her a shout out for this new SEVA project she made on Facebook which I will put a link in tomorrow when I’m not forcing my eyes to stay open in order to finish this train of thought and blog entry…!

The second class was with a man named Julian Edwards who I met last year. He has really transformed since I last saw him and his offering of yoga through a fiery and dynamic 45 minute power class seemed like he’d been teaching yoga for YEARS! I’m dead serious. He is also already hitting the community HARD with the focus of his passion and I can’t wait to see where his journey takes him.

I was off to then teach a FINAL YIN class at YMCA Robert Lee and fully led the class from intuition and heart with no pre planning. The feeling of trust and respect for myself as a teacher to read a room of 30 bodies was a testament and honour to knowing I can now PLAY WITH TEACHING YOGA. I don’t need to act as serious and controlled in fear or paranoia that I am going to do something wrong or not trust my knowledge of moving and supporting people to move in their heart/mind/body. I am thrilled to be back teaching yoga at YMCA and stay tuned for SET APRIL classes with nonstop Sub classes happening presently and going onwards.

TODAY I awoke with an 8 HOUR SLEEP (Thank you Earth for freeing me of 36 nonstop high octane hours). The all nighter taught me a ton and I am nervous now for the 5 other 10PM floats scheduled between now and the 31st….! I just need to make sure I don’t stay up even if I feel majorly awake and alert…

I practiced a Power class with my main teacher and Yoga FahJah Jason Hagemeister at YYoga Yaletown and again delved deeper and more intensely into my rubbery body. I feel more and more like what a contortionist would move like in cirque du soleil. For me though I would call myself Cirque Du SoGay 😉 LMFAO! And man it was a pleasure to be led by this man, I can’t wait to practice with him time and time again… he is someone you need to go to and experience for yourself and you can find his regular classes Weekdays at YYOGA FLOW for Gentle Hatha Wed/Fri 9:45-11am and Tue/Thu 1:30-2:30pm.

To walk into the Yaletown Centre and be surrounded by my community that I happened to know most of the folks there this morning, it felt like my family and what more could I ask for after growing up with very little and losing some of the little I had to start with…. This yoga and wellness community in Vancouver ultimately saved me from moving away permanently to NYC or SF or elsewhere and allowed me to make Vancouver my home base and it always will be even through traveling in future or perhaps basing in two spaces when realistic.

I got to organize my apartment today with my Mother Elana Sigal and also get the right set up in place for my soon to be established TIDY PROJECT Studio! All the information is still being written by Yours Queerly and the main groundwork has been established thankfully including all the class style I am offering, the different formats of extra educational programs and stay tuned for the teachers to present in my space through April onwards until the end of time (so to speak!)

It was time for todays FLOAT at 2pm where I ended up having an active session… I seriously was on cloud Hiiro and was chanting, singing and Oming at the highest vibrations. This is where I experimented with KIRTAN + Video Game fusion. Chanting OM NAMA SHIVA YA, RAMA BOLO, ONG NAMO, SITA RAM, GAYATRI MANTRA, RA MA DA SA, OM PURNAM and many other personal favourites to the melodies and tunes of my most beloved VIDEO GAME background musics, tv show themes from sitcoms and 90s westernized anime cartoons and everything related to my own culture… even the SURVIVOR THEME in SANSKRIT!

This is going to become a SOCIAL EVENT in TIDY STUDIO that I would like to call AshtaBit (8-Bit) Kirtan. Stay TUNED for not only this unique twist on a ritualistic form of Bhakti (devotion) but also similarly connected ways of achieving that state of samadhi (enlightenment) through a context I personally feel summarizes MY TRUE IDENTITY INSIDE AND OUT!

The creative ideas kept bombarding my brain in my FLOAT causing concentration and meditation challenging to say the least. However I let it flow accordingly and had a beautiful session and was thrilled it wasn’t at 10PM for the day.

The rest of the day I enjoyed a wonderfully simple and technical Hatha class with Hali Wong at Semperviva SEA studio in Granville Island and it brought me back to one of my FIRST classes with Cameron Gilley back in 2008/9 I think (This was before I met Sean Haleen at GAB and YYOGA with Jesse Enright!) and it was also a Hatha class. I rushed over to teach a Yin class at YYOGA Downtown Flow and once again felt a testament to my journey to present day… that Earth room is where I began to unwind and breakdown my entire being in order to achieve where I am now as I write this. To be apart of this community of Yoga, Wellness and NOW FLOATING as well is just my dreams coming not only true, but LIVED and through my eyes, heart and spirit to give BACK selflessly to you as my family and community.

NEXT FLOAT TOMORROW: 4PM. Until then – now I need to pass out right away as it’s 2:45AM!

Yours Queerly and NamasGay,

Hiiro Prince.

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