Todays Float Time: 5PM

FLOATING has changed my entire LIFE. Only after completing nonstop for 6 days I have overcome many physiological, neurological and somatic barriers that once restrained me from embodying my true identity and I now am proven indefinitely that DAILY FLOATING PRACTICE is a NEED AND REQUIREMENT in my own self care and maintenance for productivity and proactivity.

The amount of replenishment and rest that the tanks provide me is unlike any other form or rebooting I have gotten from even the deepest therapeutic restorative classes and they still are the next best different modality to REST and Floating. This evening I came in after being up early, having a business meeting and completing two intensive power classes, one being ashtanga. With a bit of the right food to sustain morale and fresh pressed juices from Viate and Juice Box I felt carried and nourished to perfection. My FLOAT honestly felt like another oasis in the hyperbolic time chamber I mentioned last post that related to the anime Dragon Ball Z.

It’s a time warp that will provide you the INTENTION you set going into the tank from the first step of the shower to the putting in in ear plugs to the actual time laying on your back. As I have been handling chronic thoracic spine and upper back/shoulder trauma, the tank magically unwinds not only this, but also clears my system of residual tensions and pains that were blocked up from carrying my cross body bag around. As I carry 6 notebooks with me for notes and observations I also carry a water bottle and sometimes even some yoga gear for a practice last minute outdoors when weather permits.

FLOATING has supplied me the endurance in a realistic and sustainable way to produce my personal and professional business initiatives that once were on the back burner and waiting to just ‘happen’ when it felt needed. Well now It’s happening fast and I’m not slowing down in that context. The balance of FLOATING being able to calm and ground me Central and Parasympathetic Nervous Systems is crucial for people like me who constantly are fighting and coping with Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Non-Verbal Learning Challenges and many other related conditions.

Everyone NEEDS to try floating at least once to see if they can enjoy the experience enough to come back and get hooked. I am now an avid floater and WILL FLOAT DAILY as March transitions into April and beyond. With the range of 8AM to 10PM Floats open, you have pure potential for daily relaxation and decompression time. Give yourself that time to do so and if it doesn’t serve you, then come back at a future time once space has been taken to self reflect.

Once again my favourite juice company THE JUICE BOX I have consumed daily about 2-3 juices mixed into my bottle and they have kept me nourished and healthy as I continue this overly productive state of active promotion and pure passion.

That is all for tonight, I’ve been up late and need to sleep for another day of teaching, taking and Floating tomorrow!

If you are in the area tomorrow from 8:30pm-12:30am I will be HOSTING at the front and able to answer ALL QUESTIONS or INQUIRIES regarding FLOATING and my personal 31 days of nothingness Float challenge.

Good night and perhaps I may say, GOOD MORNING!

Hiiro Prince.

ps. Week 1 is done as of tomorrow, 3 1/2 more weeks to GO!

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