The time was needed for a FLOAT, I had stayed up until 3 AM blogging and knew the FLOAT would give me the replenishment I needed to sustain my morale for the evening. I am realizing how HOT I need my water to be in the tank in order to not feel cold or shaky. Once I realized this I settled more and also felt my right shoulder melt away the pain. I have been carrying my bag more lately and it has taken a toll. I used to carry a huge bag with me and busted my shoulders after some PTSD and holding patterns starting from Grade 9. I stopped carrying any extra weight on my back once moving Downtown… however now with my notes on the go I definitely need the support to carry my arsenal of paper.

It made me think about a solution and I think it will occur sooner then later to lighten the load.

Not much else to report on the FLOAT itself, but I needed to have it certainly… IT FELT SHORT! I want to have a double length of time to FLOAT as it’s already at the level of ease that my brain needs longer to reach more depths.

That’s all for today’s report. See you tomorrow for another post!

Tomorrow’s FLOAT time: 5PM

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