Time of Float: 8AM

Another early rise for me to head into the shop. Behrad was there – he’s there monday-thursday mornings and is a seriously awesome person for those who haven’t met him. Whether you are new or returning, he makes sure you are always served and accommodated to your needs. I wanted to chill out and really catch up on some sleep from calling it a later evening at 2am last night (was too busy blogging and working hard!).

When I entered the tank, I laid there for 30 minutes and noticed myself swaying side to side and bumping into the walls. My body wasn’t able to feel relaxed or still for whatever reason. I know that it was a matter about my own headspace as I must have been restless or overtired instead of being able to really let go of my muscles.

I was only able to stay in for 30 minutes until it felt my body and mind wanted to be out of there, although I wanted to remain in the tank… I simply wasn’t able to this morning and trusted that was a sign to be read and respected.

The time I was in there though actually made a BIG shift in my consciousness and allowed me to decompress my sleep enough to enjoy my full day with ease and love. It’s awesome to know that you don’t always need a full 90 minutes to benefit from a FLOAT session. I suggest if you want to try a session but afraid of a 90 minute commitment, come on in for as little or as long and see what it feels like from there!

ps. having my breakfast purely from raw cold pressed juices from The Juice Box was worth it in itself. I combined the light green, carrot ginger and heartbeet all in one and had a power elixir. You have to give it a try!

That’s it for today until I continue tomorrow at 1PM.

What's Your Heart Feeling?

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