Time of FLOAT: 2-3:30pm

I was really curious to see what would happen with my mind and body today as I went to the House.  The first two days I noticed my mind extremely creative and racing with urges of productivity.  My layers were peeling and the true consciousness came more and more surfaced. I had a reminder come into my head about a concept I learned in my Yin Yoga Training that I recently completed with Elle Basten.  She described our consciousness in the visual of an iceberg and that the tip, middle and base made it up as a whole.  The tip was the ‘Shravana’ which was the small percentage of our consciousness taking in and integrating the knowledge.  ‘Manana’ was the middle chunk that was processing everything in order to become more of a ‘Shravana’ state of awareness.  The last one was called ‘Niddidyhasa’ which is the deepest level of unconscious wisdom and experience… sometimes things don’t shift to ‘Shravana’ for a long span of time!

Now that I’ve filled your mind to the point of ‘Nididhyasa’ – I will continue into my Float and why this makes sense to the latter.  The first two days of my nothingness were extremely driven in my unpacking of creative consciousness… from the bottom of the iceberg to the very tip!  I was wondering if all the days were going to be like this, this surging of artistic passion as if my brainwaves were paint strokes on a black canvas.  The intense breakthroughs of physical release in my upper back (I have chronic thoracic pain/trauma) felt profound and needed.

Today’s FLOAT I decided to SET an INTENTION about the state of physical being I wanted to be absolutely still and silent with no shifting or thoughts going through my head.  The first 15-20 minutes were as usual, more active and needing to get situated to the mindset… but after that happened…. BOOM I fell asleep.

I was in a deep enough sleep state I ended up having some body jolting, literally a reboot of my nervous system and limbs to the tips of my extremities.  The moment my toe or finger touched a wall of the tank I felt like a snail’s antenna being tingled by a raindrop from a sewer drain.  This was a state I had encountered more in the first few FLOATS I had back when I discovered Floating but not as often until this time around.  It’s these moments where I want to just be in that tank as long as I can until I’m ready to come out.

I remember my addiction to Anime and Dragon Ball Z specifically when Gohan and Trunks enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (1 in Earth time =’d 5 days worth in the chamber!).  Well the Float Tank feels like my version of being in Dragon Ball Z Land with the Chamber and let me tell you… it’s like eating a costco size vat of ‘Senzu Beans’ (These were beans the warriors ate that fully restored their ‘p’ or Power and increased their morale to superhuman degree!).

So the music played and I felt like I was just starting my ascend to my Niddidhyasa and like a ‘premature pregnancy’ I wasn’t ready to leave my womb… I wanted to stay in my ‘mother’ and stay fully fetal.

This experience makes me consider ending my final day with a LONG Float session and set a record for longest FLOAT ever done…  I will see if this is possible!

That’s it for now, if you’re curious to know of any of the references I made to Dragon Ball Z, I will link below to some Youtube videos and you can see more why I cross-referenced the two.

(Plus I really had a huge crush on all the hunks on that show and still do ;)… Come on, crazy hair and eyes plus half naked men?  Uhm… plus with flying and super powers?!  No brainers there.  They can actually Float…”)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_RO8VM4SPvc – Hyperbolic Time Chamber

This is HOW I FEEL after a FLOAT or YOGA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bv_oecT4Enk

Tomorrow’s FLOAT time: 8AM!

Yours Queerly, NamasGay and always be sure to Go with the FLOAT ;).

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