Time of FLOAT: 8-9:30am

Today I woke up ready and willing for my next entry into the tank.  I was rested enough but didn’t get to bed until around 2am and this was going to hopefully charge me for the day.  My experience was fully different than day 1, from the temperature and sensations of my skin and the water… to the state of my brain and its pure silence of thought/emotions.  Yesterday my mind was racing and racing nonstop, I wasn’t able to let go or relax in the way I wanted to.  However it almost felt as if I had been in the tank long enough and was ready to exit before the music played…!

There weren’t any hallucinations or crazy psychological experiences today, I have witnessed them before and perhaps going more into the depth of my subconscious psyche – it’ll happen!  What I touched upon yesterday that really stood out for me as a big benefit… my creative and artistic mind began to resurface and my urges to scribe all the thoughts on paper were extremely strong!  After being very artistically productive in High School producing around 70 individual pieces of art across all mediums… this was a fresh start for me.

I didn’t eat any breakfast before to see how it felt without anything in my stomach and you really can tell the difference on even a lightly digested versus fully digested belly.  The best part of it all was remaining still the entire time and only moving the arm position a few times.  The Juice Box is a cold-pressed offering that Float House sells and it’s absolutely perfect after a Float.  I bought a greens as well as a beet juice and combined them.  It filled me for a few hours and absolutely worth the investment.

Tomorrow I FLOAT: 2-3:30pm.

Stay tuned for my report tomorrow and hopefully with some different wild trip outs!

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