Please read my former post on the blog entitled “WTF” and you will be caught up on this one :).

I woke up this AM extremely stoked to embark on a new personal self-discovery as I began my self-entitled…

“31 Days of Nothing… AKA W.T.F. Or What the Float?!”

My first experience FLOATING was when Float House opened in Gastown last May. I was a karma yogi at One Yoga for the People and I met Mike and Andy Zaremba… Co-owners of the Float House and they were passing out complimentary Float cards. I booked my first session the week after and all I could say was…. What the FLOAT just happened?!?!?!?

This was a profound shift in my overall psyche as I rarely was able to sit and meditate until the past few months and actually enjoy the action of it as well!

Despite getting salt water in my eyes the first time, the next six times (about once a month) were equally profound and I felt similarly I when I first found Yoga… COOL!

This is when it dawned upon me to do my own personal 30 day commitment similar to the yoga studios that do them in the city! If I could float daily and build a community of floating yogis- that would be EPIC!


Back to this AM, I walked into The Gastown shop and was honoured to share the first day with the lovely Nick (one of their first employees from day one) as I prepared to enter the tank. My FAVOURITE colour of nuclear turquoise filled my room as I entered the tank.

I chose to try singing and chanting some mantras and Auming in the tank in order to create more vibration in my body and mind… Not sure if it helped but nonetheless provided a depth compared to silence.

The first third of my session my brain was racing and the creative energies were flowing (taking me away from the present tranquility of the tank) and I had to work hard at clearing my head.

The rest of the float was pretty neutral as I still seemed to shift and bounce into the walls nonstop (last time I was dead asleep and didn’t feel a thing!). Each time I float is, like yoga, a uniquely individual experience.

The music played and as I stepped out I felt refreshed and charged for the day ahead, I don’t know what I would do without floating as it really is my own control as opposed to being manipulated by a physical therapy of sorts.

I have felt like an energizer bunny all day jacked up on caffeine and I would say the same about when I floated Wednesday (I was speedy Gonzales and Tasmanian devil in ONE…). My level of consciousness and brain state is what’s most profound for me as I am now reintegrating my Artistic and creative brains from High School.

I have way more energy for my days and the productivity I have is unlike anything before Floating. I sense this next 30 days of March will be indescribable.

Tomorrow I FLOAT at 8-9:30AM.

Until my report tomorrow I bid you a warm night and…

NamasGay, Yours Queerly,

Hiiro Prince.

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