Say hello to your next FLOAT HOUSE Ambassador!

Part of my wellness and self care regime (since opened) has been Floating about 1 day a month and the effects are literally life shifting. Of the 7 I have had so far, each time I reach a new state of nothingness and expanded consciousness. This couldn’t be more aligned with my vision for the True Identity Project and this is what I am writing about this post!

WHAT THE FLOAT: A True Identity Project by Hiiro Prince.

You are most likely accustomed now that in Yoga studios they like to put on seasonal 21 or 30 or 40 day challenges where you sign up and partake in x amount of classes in x amount of days in order to start a new pattern and habit of healthy lifestyle etc…

Well I’ve already been able to acquire a daily yoga practice and practice 1-3 times a day depending on my teaching schedule that given day and I wanted to bring it to a context I would never think of until… NOW!!!


Here’s how it is going to work in my mind. I have already pre booked my FLOATS for every day of the week and will POST the TIMES BELOW that I will be Floating.

In order to generate buzz, community and awareness about the benefits of Floating and also Yoga for that matter, go ahead and BOOK YOUR OWN sessions at the times I am going to be there and after the FLOAT we can discuss our experiences together and I will include you either anonymously OR visibly on and cross promote our social media platforms and vice-versa.

Every day I arrive at FLOAT HOUSE you will see me Check In on Facebook and I will post a daily journal entry after my experiences either via text/video or both and by March 31st will have a 31 day journal log of nonstop Floating. If this feels sustainable my plan is to FLOAT 5 days a week once April arrives if NOT a whole 7!

Now… What times will I be FLOATING…? See BELOW:

Sundays: 8:00-9:30 AM

Mondays: 2:00-3:30 PM

Tuesdays: 8:00-9:30 AM

Wednesdays: 1:00-2:30 PM

Thursdays and Fridays: 5:00-6:30 PM

Saturdays: 10:00-11:30 AM

Please visit their website @ and Call or Book your session online through their server!

This is going to be FloatSational and I can’t wait for the experiences to follow, be sure to visit the NEW EXPANSION in Gastown opening up early March as well as the Kitsilano Float House around the same time!

Cheers and Complete Nothingness ;)!

Email me for any more information @ TrueIdentityYoga@gmail.comImage

Hiiro Prince

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