Hello hello hello, I know I have been MIA and it’s because I’ve been busy making things become reality!  I still have some posts coming after this one but lets start with this entry.I am thrilled to announce that there’s finally an ALL MENS yoga line by the name of MY (Mens Yoga) and it’s established and based here in Vancouver, B.C.!  Locally made, these pieces are their first collection debut and I am an ambassador for them and you will see me wearing these beautifully all-purpose garments around Vancouver.If you are interested in knowing more about the gear and want to purchase from me, let me know and you will be able to get 10% off your purchases!Cheers.

See the catalogue @ www.mensyoga.com

Thick Hoodie in Black:

This is one of the most incredibly multi-functional hoodies I have worn for both my daily active on the go lifestyle and also meditation/yoga practice.  I am a restorative and yin yoga teacher and practice all styles of yoga as well, this hoodie didn’t come off my back once in the slower practices.  The thickness of the fabric is a barrier from the colder weather, fits my body and form like a second skin while also letting me layer a jacket over for more warmth if needed.  The hood is the right size for coverage and staying out of my way and the shoulder detail stitching is a suitable aesthetic detail.ImageImage
Sleeveless and Long Sleeve Organic Bamboo Tops:
These pure basics not only feel like cashmere, however they perform like Luon would from a Lululemon product, EXCEPT it’s NOT ;)!  The durability of the fabric I can trust to get sweaty and stretchy as it pretty much became dry without body odour just minutes after finishing my practice.  I never want to take the tops off, it’s a true layer of warmth and security like a hot water bottle or heating pad would supply except nobody will look at you (unless they’re admiring the incredible fit and quality)!  I am thrilled with the versatility of the tops and will continue now to always wear them to bed, to work, to and from yoga whether I am teaching or practicing.ImageImageImage
Pants in Black (Thick)
These pants are the perfect weight to feel light enough to wear to sleep and also roam outdoors be it in a yoga class or doing recreational errands.  They don’t feel like a pair of yoga or sweat pants, these are the real example of where comfort meets function and style/quality.  The waistband has a nice width to it which allows the pants to sit comfortably and not slip down the waist when I get sweaty in an inversion-packed vinyasa yoga class.  Like the hoodie and tops, I have enjoyed the same user experiences in quality, warmth, function and precision for fit/style.  If you want the ideal hybrid of that black pant, this is the one.  You won’t regret it one bit once you wear them!ImageImageImage
Pants in White (Light)
Exact same experience of the black thick material pant except in a slinkier, silkier and I feel a more ‘luscious’ fabric.  The sense of airlessness in these pants is surreal, without losing the quality and durability, I personally love the white colour as a symbol of purity and the ‘Ether’ element.  Metaphorically aside, these are the absolute for lounging, sleeping, spring/summer weather, any style of yoga or athletic practice/discipline.  I am able to sit comfortably both physically and mentally knowing the quality and pure craftsmanship that went into every thread of these pants and fabric.ImageImageImageImage

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